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Why You Should Use Pydantic in 2024
In this updated Pydantic tutorial, I’ll cover all the new features and how they can benefit your projects. Despite Python's dynamic type system being user-friendly, it's not without its data handling issues. That's where Pydantic comes in, providing the essential structure and validation for seamless data management.

Python Gevent in practice: common pitfalls to keep in mind
Learn more about the common pitfalls of using the asynchronous Python library, Gevent, and how to resolve them in this article.

Understanding Context Manager and its Syntastic Sugar

Lightweight framework for building HTML pages in pure Python.

Large Language Models On-Device with MediaPipe and TensorFlow Lite
The article discusses the release of the experimental MediaPipe LLM Inference API, enabling Large Language Models (LLMs) to run fully on-device across platforms. This transformative capability addresses the significant memory and compute demands of LLMs, which are over a hundred times larger than traditional on-device models, achieved through optimizations like new ops, quantization, cac...

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Go, Python, Rust, and production AI applications

ndleah / python-mini-project
🙌 Welcome open-source Python mini-project contributions!

We Hacked Google A.I. for $50,000
This article discusses the author's experience of participating in a hacking event in Las Vegas where vulnerabilities were discovered, leading to the successful hacking of Google. Despite the initial achievement, the Google VRP team extended the competition deadline to encourage more creative findings, highlighting the ongoing challenges and opportunities in the realm of cybersecurity

Using LLMs to Generate Fuzz Generators
The post explores the effectiveness of Large Language Models (LLMs) in generating fuzz drivers for library API fuzzing. It discusses the challenges and benefits of LLM-based fuzz driver generation, highlighting its practicality, strategies for complex API usage, and areas for improvement based on a comprehensive study and evaluation.

Homebrew all the Python things

Does Python have pointers?

PyKidos, Teach Your Kid Python in the Browser

ccxt / ccxt
A JavaScript / TypeScript / Python / C# / PHP cryptocurrency trading API with support for more than 100 bitcoin/altcoin exchanges

speechbrain / speechbrain
A PyTorch-based Speech Toolkit

GGUF, the long way around
This is an article about GGUF, a file format used for machine learning models. It discusses what machine learning models are and how they are produced.

Speed up Django’s collectstatic command with Collectfasta
The post introduces Collectfasta, an updated fork of Collectfast designed to enhance the performance of Django's collectstatic command. By optimizing the repository and improving performance, Collectfasta offers faster execution and efficiency compared to the standard Django command, providing a valuable tool for developers seeking enhanced performance in their Django projects.

Insecurity and Python pickles

facebookresearch / DiT
Official PyTorch Implementation of "Scalable Diffusion Models with Transformers"

Parsing URLs in Python

facebookresearch / jepa
PyTorch code and models for V-JEPA self-supervised learning from video.

ibis-project / ibis
the portable Python dataframe library

Create A Machine Learning Powered NCAA Bracket
Dive into the fascinating world of machine learning and AI as we guide you through developing a model designed to predict NCAA tournament outcomes. From initial setup to final predictions, we’ll cover everything you need to create your own powerhouse model.

Sandboxing Python with Win32 App Isolation

Guide to Time-Series Analysis in Python
A look at why Python is a great language for time-series analysis. Plus, tips for getting started today.

3DTopia / LGM
LGM: Large Multi-View Gaussian Model for High-Resolution 3D Content Creation.

LargeWorldModel / LWM

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2024-03-17

⚙️ Projects

The Universe of Data. All about data, data science, and data engineering.

CBScript is a transpiled language, designed by SethBling. This compiler will compile CBScript files into Minecraft datapack zip files. It has many higher level language features that don't exist at the Minecraft command level.

Schedule iMessage or SMS texts from .txt files.

LLM calls as strongly-typed functions.

Syntax highlighting for Python Docstring in VSCode.

Open-source observability for your LLM application.


Fine-tune LLM agents with online reinforcement learning.

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JSON Serialization

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