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Reverse Engineering: Decompiling Binary Code with Large Language Models.

Building command-line applications in Python
Dive into a comprehensive guide on implementing command-line applications in Python. This tutorial uses the argparse module to explain how arguments, flags, and options work in a command-line application by building a BMI calculator app and implementing the Linux head command in Python.

Relieving your Python packaging pain
An opinionated take for bootstrapping Python

File-based cache for slow Python functions

Every dunder method in Python
An explanation of all of Pytho's 100+ dunder methods and 50+ dunder attributes, including a summary of each one.

📖 Articles

Cataloguing my vinyl collection with computer vision
The post  details the process of cataloguing a vinyl collection using computer vision, focusing on identifying unique vinyl records through a systematic approach. By leveraging computer vision technology and embedding techniques, the author shares insights into creating a system that accurately identifies and indexes vinyl records for efficient cataloging and organization.

AutoDev: Automated AI-Driven Development
The paper "AutoDev: Automated AI-Driven Development" presents an automated approach to AI-driven development, involving a collaborative effort by multiple authors. It explores the advancements in automated development processes driven by artificial intelligence, showcasing a comprehensive study on AutoDev

Jupyter & IPython terminology explained

Leaping – Debug Python tests instantly with an LLM debugger

FujiwaraChoki / MoneyPrinterV2
Automate the process of making money online.

Pyenv – lets you easily switch between multiple versions of Python

How to use PostgreSQL for (military) geoanalytics tasks
This is a detailed guide on utilizing PostgreSQL for military geoanalytics tasks, emphasizing the importance of geospatial data processing in military operations. It covers methods for processing geospatial data, finding nearest objects, distance calculations, using geospatial indexes, determining points within polygons, and geospatial aggregation to enhance analytical capabilities in mi...

Lambda on hard mode: Inside Modal's web infrastructure
This post talks about how Modal handles real-time HTTP requests and WebSockets in serverless functions.

Django REST framework 3.15

Python 3.10.14, 3.9.19, and 3.8.19 is now available

Vchitect / Latte
Latte: Latent Diffusion Transformer for Video Generation.

Creating an autopilot in X-Plane using Python

levihsu / OOTDiffusion
Official implementation of OOTDiffusion: Outfitting Fusion based Latent Diffusion for Controllable Virtual Try-on

How to Test Asynchronous Code in Python
Testing asynchronous code is tricky but essential for creating smooth, error-free, and reliable applications. So in this video, I'll guide you through the basics of testing asynchronous code effectively.

Diffusion models from scratch, from a new theoretical perspective
The article provides insights into interpreting and enhancing diffusion models using the Euclidean distance function, offering a detailed exploration of diffusion models and their applications. It focuses on improving diffusion models through gradient estimation, efficient sampling techniques, and visualizing the impact of momentum terms on text-to-image generation.

Nextjs and Django Airbnb Clone
Learn how to build a fullstack clone of Airbnb using technologies like Nextjs/React and Tailwind in the frontend, and Django with Django rest framework in the backend.

Designing a Pure Python Web Framework

Reviving PyMiniRacer: A Python <> JavaScript Bridge

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2024-03-24

⚙️ Projects

DarkGPT is an artificial intelligence assistant based on GPT-4-200K designed to perform queries on leaked databases.

Automate browser-based workflows with LLMs and Computer Vision.

Automate automation with Large Action Model framework.

Grok open release.

Explore ELF objects through the power of SQL.

Proof of concept prototype for generating and querying against an ever-expanding knowledge graph with AI.

Pretrained (Language) Models for Probabilistic Time Series Forecasting.

Text analytics for LLM apps. PostHog for prompts. Extract evaluations, intents and events from text messages. phospho leverages LLM (OpenAI, MistralAI, Ollama, etc.)

Supercharge huggingface transformers with model parallelism.

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