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How fast can we process a CSV file
The article explores the speed of processing CSV files, highlighting the use of PyArrow to enhance CSV reading speed significantly. It compares different methods like pandas with C engine, pure Python looping, and pandas with PyArrow engine, showcasing the efficiency of PyArrow in processing CSV files faster and more effectively

Combining Rust and Python: The Best of Both Worlds?
This video shows you how to seamlessly integrate Rust with Python using Pyo3. This library allows you to write Python modules with Rust. This means that we get the speed and safety of Rust along with Python's easy-to-use features!

Intro to DSPy: Goodbye Prompting, Hello Programming!
How the DSPy framework solves the fragility problem in LLM-based applications by replacing prompting with programming and compiling.

6 ways to improve the architecture of your Python project (using import-linter)
The article discusses six ways to enhance the architecture of Python projects, focusing on maintaining clear dependency relationships between packages and modules to avoid tangled inter-module dependencies. It addresses challenges like high architectural understanding costs for newcomers and reduced development efficiency due to difficulties in locating code within large projects.

I hate typing out every 'self.x = x' line in an __init__ method. Is this alternative acceptable?

๐Ÿ“– Articles

Analyzing "Sorting a million 32-bit integers in 2MB of RAM using Python"
SummaryWe are going to revisit Guido's famous "Sorting a million 32-bit integers in 2MB of RAM ...

NVIDIA / trt-llm-rag-windows
A developer reference project for creating Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) chatbots on Windows using TensorRT-LLM

Building an LLM fine-tuning Dataset
The video shares insights on building a comprehensive dataset for AI model training using Reddit comments, highlighting challenges such as working with large datasets and filtering out low-quality comments. The creator discusses methods like loading, sorting, and filtering data to create training samples and models, emphasizing the abundance of comments available for analysis and the pro...

Create a quiz app in 6 minutes with HTMX and Django
This guide shows you how to build a simple quiz application using Django and HTMX in 6 minutes. HTMX is great for creating dynamic web applications without writing JavaScript.

The GIL can now be disabled in Python's main branch

Bython: Python with braces. Because Python is awesome, but whitespace is awful

Machine Learning in 2024 โ€“ Beginner's Course
This machine learning course is created for beginners who are learning in 2024. The course begins with a Machine Learning Roadmap for 2024, emphasizing career paths and beginner-friendly theory. Then it the course moves on to hands-on practical applications and a comprehensive end-to-end project using Python.

Get started with conda environments
This post explains the benefits of virtual environments and how to use virtual environments in conda.

mit-han-lab / efficientvit
EfficientViT is a new family of vision models for efficient high-resolution vision.

lllyasviel / stable-diffusion-webui-forge

kserve / kserve
Standardized Serverless ML Inference Platform on Kubernetes

FujiwaraChoki / MoneyPrinter
Automate Creation of YouTube Shorts using MoviePy.

Doubiiu / DynamiCrafter
DynamiCrafter: Animating Open-domain Images with Video Diffusion Priors

Deploying Django Apps in Kubernetes
Learn you can optimize Django deployments seamlessly in a Kubernetes environment, whether you are a Django developer or a Kubernetes enthusiast.

From Beeps to Toots: Reviving Pagers with Python and Mastodon
The article showcases a unique application of Python programming by connecting pagers with Mastodon, blending the reliability of pagers with modern social media interactions. It highlights the versatility of Python in bridging analog devices like pagers with digital platforms, demonstrating the enduring relevance of traditional communication methods in today's digital age.

Python environment management using JupyterLab Desktop CLI
The article discusses Python environment management using the JupyterLab Desktop CLI, which offers various commands and options to manage Python environments efficiently within the application. It covers setting up the JupyterLab Desktop CLI, creating new Python environments, and utilizing bundled environment installers or downloading packages from the registry to enhance the development...

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2024-03-10

How to Write a (Lisp) Interpreter (In Python) (2010)

โš™๏ธ Projects

A pure Python full-stack web apps framework inspired by Next.js.

Unified dialect for orchestrating SQLite logic and LLM reasoning.

A Django Admin Web Shell using Xterm.js and Django Channels.

Production-ready community-driven modern Stripe-like API versioning in FastAPI.

A Distributed, Fault-Tolerant Task Queue.

A lightweight library for generating synthetic instruction tuning datasets for your data without GPT.

Python framework for Private Federated Learning simulations.

EvalPlus for rigourous evaluation of LLM-synthesized code.

๐Ÿ‘พ Reddits

I made a YouTube downloader with Modern UI | PyQt6 | PyTube | Fluent Design

How are numpy.linalg.* functions built so that they use multiple cores out-of-the-box?

An extremely modern and configurable Python project template

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