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Fastest Way to Read Excel in Python
Reading 500K rows in less than 4 seconds.

An Introduction to Coding In Rust for Pythonistas
This video explores coding with Rust for the first time, diving into its cool features and drawing comparisons with Python.

Run Mixtral-8x7B models in Colab or consumer desktops.

Fontimize: Subset Fonts to Exactly and Only Your Website's Used Characters
Fontimize is a Python library that enables the creation of font subsets containing only the specific glyphs needed for text or HTML, thereby reducing the initial download size of websites and optimizing bandwidth usage.

How to make LLMs go fast
This post is a long and wide-ranging survey of a bunch of different ways to make LLMs go brrrr, from better hardware utilization to clever decoding tricks.

๐Ÿ“– Articles

Portable Efficient Assembly Code-Generator in Higher-Level Python (PeachPy)

Asyncio Logging Without Blocking
You can implement non-blocking logging in asyncio programs by using a shared Queue with a ...

SIMD in Pure Python

Python Gotcha: Modifying a list while iterating
Python makes it easy to modify a list while you are iterating through it's elements. This will bite you. Read on to find out how and what can be done about it.

outlines-dev / outlines
Guided Text Generation

run-llama / llama_index
LlamaIndex (formerly GPT Index) is a data framework for your LLM applications

AutoGluon-TimeSeries : Creating Powerful Ensemble Forecasts - Complete Tutorial
Amazon's framework for time-series forecasting has it all.

An experimental pip subcommand for the Python Launcher for Unix

LLMs and Programming in the first days of 2024

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2024-01-07

โš™๏ธ Projects

Multilingual Visual Text Generation And Editing.

Fine Tuning Python WSGI and ASGI applications for Flask, Django, and FastAPI
In this post, the focus is on examining best practices for configuring Python web servers such as Gunicorn, Uvicorn, and Hypercorn. The architecture of the components between Python code and users will be summarized, and verification methods like load testing will be discussed to ensure the configuration can withstand user traffic.

DocFlow is a powerful Document Management API designed to streamline document handling, including seamless uploading, downloading, organization, versioning, sharing, and more.

Semantic Router is a superfast decision layer for your LLMs and agents. Rather than waiting for slow LLM generations to make tool-use decisions, we use the magic of semantic vector space to make those decisions โ€” routing our requests using semantic meaning.

Committing without git

Effortlessly create and deploy your own one-link website on GitHub.

Paracelsus generates Entity Relationship Diagrams by reading your SQLAlchemy models.

Enhance your Django developer experience: CLI and Guides for the Modern Django Developer.

A Fast, Strong and Open Vision Language Assistant for Mobile Devices.

Pocket-Sized Multimodal AI for content understanding and generation across multilingual texts, images, and video, up to 5x faster than OpenAI CLIP and LLaVA.

A Unified and Flexible Motion Controller for Video Generation.

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Declarative GUI for Python

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