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Using a Markov chain to generate readable nonsense with 20 lines of Python

Python Gotcha: List Copy Problems
Copying a Python list (or any mutable object) isn't as simple as setting one equal to another. Let's discuss a better way to do this.

gpt-engineer-org / gpt-engineer
Specify what you want it to build, the AI asks for clarification, and then builds it.

Sys.monitoring: Python Execution event monitoring

Django: Detect the global privacy control signal
Global Privacy Control (GPC) is a specification for web browsers to signal website operators not to ...

๐Ÿ“– Articles

What's up Python? Epic CPython commit, Django 5 and 2FA for PyPI

Microdot: Yet Another Python Web Framework

Python Asyncio Database Drivers
Asyncio has found a home in Python web development and many asyncio web development projects ...

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2023-12-31

Show HN: How do you OCR on a Mac using the CLI or just Python for free

How I Built an Okta Documentation Chatbot in Python
The article describes the development of Oktanaut, a Python chatbot that simplifies access to information on Okta's Developer Documentation. The chatbot was created using OpenAI and Jupyter Notebook, and two versions were developed to offer specific approaches and general knowledge. The first version used LlamaIndex and was trained on Okta's Developer Documentation, generating accurate r...

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๐Ÿ‘พ Reddits

Beam: Run Python functions on the cloud in seconds

How to prevent python software from being reverse engineered or pirated?

Do You Ever del?

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