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A versatile instant voice cloning approach that requires only a short audio clip from the reference speaker to replicate their voice and generate speech in multiple languages.

Real-world match/case
Python 3.10 brought us structural pattern matching, better known as match/case. At first glance, ...

How many CPU cores can you actually use in parallel?
Figuring out how much parallelism your program can use is surprisingly tricky.

YAML, Python and the Holy Graal

Configuration in Python Applications: No Magic, Just Necessary Practice
The article explores the practice of configuration in Python applications, emphasizing the importance of transparency and avoiding magic in the process. It delves into practical approaches for managing configuration settings, advocating for clarity and necessary practices in the development of Python applications.

📖 Articles

DjangoCon US 2023 Videos
A YouTube for DjangoCon US 2023, featuring various videos from the event. It covers a range of topics related to Django development, including talks, workshops, and discussions presented at the conference.

Acly / krita-ai-diffusion
Streamlined interface for generating images with AI in Krita. Inpaint and outpaint with optional text prompt, no tweaking required.

Asyncio Task Cancellation Best Practices
In this tutorial, you will discover best practices for canceling asyncio tasks in Python.

Build an instant messenger with Django (in 6 mins)
This video provides a quick tutorial on creating an instant messenger using Django. The tutorial aims to demonstrate the process in a concise manner, making it a helpful resource for individuals interested in developing a messaging application with Django.

Python, C, Assembly – Faster Cosine Similarity

Requests vs Httpx vs Aiohttp | Which One to Pick?
The video discusses the exploration of API communication in applications, comparing the use of requests, httpx, and aiohttp. It presents the author's preferred choice and the reasons for considering it.

A settings pattern for reusable Django apps
The article presents a new settings pattern for reusable Django apps, addressing the challenge of overriding app default settings with project settings. The author discusses the need for a clear and consistent pattern, and the article outlines the proposed solution, which involves inspecting the prefix of the settings to avoid returning random properties of the Django settings.

You don't need this in Python
SummaryThis article contains nothing new. In fact, those things have been talked about everywhere ...

Vector Search RAG Tutorial – Combine Your Data with LLMs with Advanced Search
Learn how to use vector search and embeddings to easily combine your data with large language models like GPT-4. You will first learn the concepts and then create three projects.

The Key To The `key` Parameter in Python
A parameter named `key` is present in several Python functions, such as `sorted()`. Let's explore what it is and how to use it.

A simple OpenID connect tutorial
Introduction OpenID Connect is a simple identity layer on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol. It allows ...

flowtyone / flowty-realtime-lcm-canvas
A realtime sketch to image demo using LCM and the gradio library.

Building a personal predictive text engine
This post discusses the development of a personal predictive text engine called AutoWrite, which takes into account words already written in a document to provide context-specific autocompletions.

Colliding Secure Hashes
The article discusses the author's porting of an algorithm to run on a GPU using pyopencl, resulting in a collision of secure hashes. The author chose to truncate the middle portion of the hash rather than the end to potentially fool someone visually comparing the starts and ends of a full-length hash.

Understanding GPU Memory 1: Visualizing All Allocations over Time
The part 1 shows how to use the memory snapshot tool.

Bash One-Liners for LLMs
Six solid examples of how llamafile can help you be productive on the command line.

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2023-12-24

Hillobar / Rope
GUI-focused roop

T’is the Time … for GenAI!
Home Table of Contents T’is the Time … for GenAI! ...

⚙️ Projects

Declarative CRUD Endpoints & Tests with Django Ninja.

Mastering GitHub Copilot for AI Paired Programming
A 6 Lesson course teaching everything you need to know about harnessing GitHub Copilot and an AI Paired Programing resource.

The Google AI Python SDK enables developers to use Google's state-of-the-art generative AI models (like Gemini and PaLM) to build AI-powered features and applications.

Keep Your Data DRY with APIFlask
The post discusses using APIFlask, which conforms to the OpenAPI spec with its routes and schemas, allowing for automatic API documentation. It emphasizes the benefits of keeping data DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) and the ease of documenting APIs while writing them. The post provides insights into how APIFlask can help in avoiding redundant code and maintaining a clear and concise codebase.

AI powered speech denoising and enhancement.

Easily train AlphaZero-like agents on any environment you want!

A Unified Library for Evaluating and Understanding Large Language Models.

Build powerful CLIs with simple idiomatic Python, driven by type hints.

A command-line based plane spotting and aircraft OSINT reconnaissance tool made using Python.

Advancing Speech-to-Text Processing.

Tools for merging pretrained large language models.

👾 Reddits

What python libraries should every dev know?

Hatch v1.8.0 - binaries for every platform, Python management and static analysis backed by Ruff

Why don't we have tuple comprehension?

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