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Jarvis: A Voice Virtual Assistant in Python (OpenAI, ElevenLabs, Deepgram)

Intuitive, easy CLIs based on python type hints.

Python 3.12.1

Set of tools to assess and improve LLM security.

Mamba-Chat is the first chat language model based on a state-space model architecture, not a transformer.

📖 Articles

pytest daemon: 10X Local Test Iteration Speed
At Discord, their Python test suite suffered from slow local test runs, taking 13 seconds per test. They built a pytest daemon that improves local test iteration speed by 10x, significantly reducing development time. This solution involves offloading heavy work to a background process and caching results, bypassing slow imports and fixtures.

Django: Sanitize incoming HTML fragments with nh3
Let’s look at how to use nh3 for HTML sanitisation in Django forms. You can adapt this approach to other situations, such as in DRF serializers.

NVIDIA / Megatron-LM
Ongoing research training transformer models at scale

imoneoi / openchat
OpenChat: Advancing Open-source Language Models with Imperfect Data

netease-youdao / EmotiVoice
EmotiVoice 😊: a Multi-Voice and Prompt-Controlled TTS Engine

Cog: Use Python in your source files to generate pieces of code

Python in Visual Studio Code – December 2023 Release
This release includes the following announcements:

google-deepmind / graphcast

Show HN: PyApp – runtime installer for Python applications

Annotated At Runtime
PEP 593 is a bit vague on how you’re supposed to actually consume arguments to Annotated; here is my proposal.

LouisShark / chatgpt_system_prompt
collect agent's system prompt and share some prompt inject knowledge

cubiq / ComfyUI_IPAdapter_plus

Balm in GILead: Fast string construction for CPython extensions

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2023-12-17

Show HN: Microagents: Agents Capable of Self-Editing Their Prompts / Python Code

llmware-ai / llmware
Providing enterprise-grade LLM-based development framework, tools, and fine-tuned models.

⚙️ Projects

Arrest is a small utility to easily structure and validate your REST api calls using pydantic and httpx.

µHTTP emerged from the need of a simple web framework. It's great for micro-services, single page applications, AND monolithic monsters.

Build and iterate on your UI 10x faster with AI - right from your own IDE.

An LLM Compiler for Parallel Function Calling.

A Production-ready Reinforcement Learning AI Agent Library brought by the Applied Reinforcement Learning team at Meta.

Netchecks is a set of tools for testing network conditions and asserting that they are as expected.

A library for generative social simulation.

Single source of truth with requirements for pip and conda.

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