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Convert PDF to markdown quickly with high accuracy.

Django 5.0 released
The Django team is happy to announce the release of Django 5.0. The release notes cover a deluge of ...

Switch an Existing Python Project To Ruff
On a recent Building SaaS stream, we switched from using flake8, Black, isort, and bandit completely over to a single tool, Ruff. Watch an experienced Pythonista work through many of the options and do a full conversion to this powerful tool.

Datastack is an open-source framework that enables you to easily build real-time web apps, internal tools, dashboards, weekend projects, data entry forms, or prototypes using just Python—no frontend experience required.

The last Python Architecture you will ever need?

📖 Articles

Memray: The endgame Python memory profiler

CPython Object System Internals: Understanding the Role of PyObject
Understand how objects are implemented in CPython and how CPython emulates Inheritance and Polymorphism in C using struct embedding.

weaviate / Verba
Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) chatbot powered by Weaviate

Show HN: Dropbase – Build internal web apps with just Python

What's new in Django 5.0!
Have you been counting down the days? Not to Christmas... to the new Django release! Django 5.0 is out! Let's unwrap the new features of our favourite Python web framework together.

MLOps Course – Build Machine Learning Production Grade Projects
MLOps, short for Machine Learning Operations, refers to the practice of applying DevOps principles to machine learning. This MLOps course will guide you through an end-to-end MLOps project, covering everything from data ingestion to deployment, using state-of-the-art tools like ZenML, MLflow, and various MLOps libraries.

How many lines of C it takes to execute a + b in Python

Deep Dive Into the State Design Pattern in Python

Using Polars in a Pandas world
Pandas has far more third-party integrations than Polars. Learn how to use those libraries with Polars dataframes.

NetworkX – Network Analysis in Python

01-ai / Yi
A series of large language models trained from scratch by developers @01-ai

daveshap / OpenAI_Agent_Swarm
HAAS = Hierarchical Autonomous Agent Swarm - "Resistance is futile!"

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2023-12-10

Viewing an Animated GIF with Python
Animated GIFs are a fun way to share silent videos on social media. This website has a tutorial to ...

⚙️ Projects

An Open-Source Audio, Music, and Speech Generation Toolkit.

Easily generate information-rich, publication-quality tables from Python.

5X faster 50% less memory LLM finetuning.

Simple and efficient pytorch-native transformer text generation.

MLX is an array framework for machine learning on Apple silicon, brought to you by Apple machine learning research.

Gradient-based symbolic execution engine implemented from scratch.

A code-first agent framework for seamlessly planning and executing data analytics tasks.

New Generation Profiler based on PEP 669.

An open-source, general framework for learning household robotic manipulation

Disentangling 2D and Geometric Priors for High-Fidelity and Consistent 3D Generation.

Canopy is an open-source Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) framework and context engine built on top of the Pinecone vector database. Canopy enables you to quickly and easily experiment with and build applications using RAG. Start chatting with your documents or text data with a few simple commands.


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TIL The backend of Meta Threads is built with Python 3.10

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