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The SQL IDE for Your Terminal.

Paper-based Secret Sharing Technique.

Using formatters and linters to manage a large codebase
At Kraken Tech we have a large global development team with over 500 developers, the majority of which work on the same monolithic codebase comprising more than 4 million lines of Python code. We release new code over 100 times a day, running hundreds of thousands of tests in the process. So how can we ensure high coding quality in a distributed team, with such frequent changes? And how ...

Best practices to protect your Flask applications
Learn to secure your Flask applications effectively with our expert hands-on tutorial. Enhance security for your projects in just a few steps!

A Deep Dive Into Python's functools.wraps Decorator
The article discusses the importance of the functools.wraps decorator in Python. It explains how the decorator helps to preserve metadata when wrapping one object over another, particularly when developing Python decorators. The author emphasizes the significance of this decorator due to the potential loss of valuable metadata from the encapsulated object.

📖 Articles

Data Analyst Bootcamp for Beginners (SQL, Tableau, Power BI, Python, Excel, Pandas, Projects, more)
Become a data analyst by following along with this massive course. You will learn the core topics that data analysts need to know. And along the way, you will build plenty of projects to gain hands-on experience.

microsoft / promptbase
All things prompt engineering

Marimo – an open-source reactive notebook for Python

Deploying AI-powered Django apps to
Modal is a great place to deploy Python apps that use AI models and require GPU. Here’s how to use Modal with Django apps.

Python 3.13 Gets a JIT

Integrating Rust and Python with a Shared Library
Learn how to build computational and memory intensive functions in Rust and seamlessly integrate them into Python scripts. This video covers creating a shared Python module with Rust using pyo3, compiling the Rust code into a shared object file, importing that file in Python, and calling the high-performance Rust functions from Python.

guoqincode / Open-AnimateAnyone
Unofficial Implementation of Animate Anyone

prs-eth / Marigold
Marigold: Repurposing Diffusion-Based Image Generators for Monocular Depth Estimation

ali-vilab / i2vgen-xl
Official repo for VGen: a holistic video generation ecosystem for video generation building on diffusion models

Type information for faster Python C extensions

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2024-01-14

Knuckledragger: Experimenting with a Python Proof Assistant
Something that I’m tinkering with is making a proof assistant in python.

Fun With Scrapy Link Validation on CI
How can you make sure, automatically, that all the links to other internal pages within a site continue to work? In this article, we look at how to use Scrapy, a web scraping tool, and GitHub Actions, a Continuous Integration system, to accomplish this goal.

Experimenting with Handwriting Recognition for The New York Times Crossword
The article discusses the exploration of handwriting recognition in The New York Times Crossword app during the MakerWeek 2023 hackathon. The project involved implementing on-device machine learning for handwriting recognition on both iOS and Android platforms, with the potential for interactive features like "Scribble-to-Erase" detection and in-app self-training mechanisms.

Retro on Viberary
The article reflects on the author's experience with Viberary, a side project aimed at finding books based on a particular vibe. The project was created to explore machine learning side projects and the intersection of search and recommendations, serving as a production-grade complement to the author's recent deep dive into embeddings.

Spot the bug in this Python code (2023)

⚙️ Projects

A Low-cost Open-source Hardware System for Bimanual Teleoperation.

Hide any type of files inside a image of your choice.

Python library for portfolio optimization built on top of scikit-learn.

Cutting-edge framework for orchestrating role-playing, autonomous AI agents. By fostering collaborative intelligence, CrewAI empowers agents to work together seamlessly, tackling complex tasks.

Building language agents as graphs.

An implementation of Self-Extend, to expand the context window via grouped attention

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Anyone have examples of a Python visualisation package used to produce journalist-quality charts/infographics?

Why is python generally not recommended for building Android apps?

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