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Jupyter Notebook 7
Jupyter Notebook 7 is the most significant release of the Jupyter Notebook in years. Some highlights of this release include real-time collaboration, interactive debugging, table of contents, theming and dark mode, internationalization, improved accessibility, compact view on mobile devices.

99% of top Python packages are now wheels

Generative AI in Jupyter

Large Language Models and Nearest Neighbors

Swap_8_and_9: A simple import can modify the Python interpreter

📖 Articles

Reflex – Web apps in pure Python

Coefficient of Variation in Python with Pandas & NumPy
Learn how to calculate the coefficient of variation in Python using NumPy and Pandas. Analyze data variability with ease!

Briefcase: Convert a Python project into a standalone native application

Python ConfigParser Tutorial
A complete guide that equips you with the knowledge and skills to work with configuration files using Python effectively.

danswer-ai / danswer
Ask Questions in natural language and get Answers backed by private sources. Connects to tools like Slack, GitHub, Confluence, etc.

DotDict: A simple Python library to make chained attributes possible

Overloading arithmetic operators with dunder methods

python quirks

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2023-08-06

Running Untrusted Python Code
Using seccomp and setrlimit to build a Python sandbox.

New web framework for Python in development

baichuan-inc / Baichuan-13B
A 13B large language model developed by Baichuan Intelligent Technology

⚙️ Projects

Open Source Free ATS Tool to compare Resumes with Job Descriptions and create a score to rank them.

A Mozilla SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine embedded into the Python VM, using the Python engine to provide the JS host environment.

Continue is the open-source autopilot for software development—a VS Code extension that brings the power of ChatGPT to your IDE

An open-source toolkit in which all relevant financial ratios (50+), indicators and performance measurements are written down in the most simplistic way allowing for complete transparency of the calculation method.

Smaller & Faster Single-File Vector Search Engine.

Real-Time Universal Search Infra for Developers.

Cross-platform display typography in Python.

👾 Reddits

Leaky Ledger, a fake bank built with Django

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