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Pathlib for Path Manipulations
pathlib is an interesting, object-oriented take on the filesystem paths. With plenty of functions to create, delete, move, rename, read, write, find, or split files, pathlib is an excellent replacement for the os module. But is it faster?

I Made 3D MINECRAFT in PYTHON using Ursina!
In this Python tutorial I code a minecraft clone using a 3d library called Ursina.

Deploy a private ChatGPT alternative hosted within your VPC. Connect it to your organization's knowledge base and use it as a corporate oracle. Supports open-source LLMs like Llama 2, Falcon, and GPT4All.

Customize Django Admin Interface
Django admin panel is one of the biggest strengths on Django. It allows quickly have interface access data stored in DB, have forms to add and edit data and manage users. But since in its default state Django Admin Site is quite basic, so in this article I want to go over all the ways to make the most out of it by customizing it.

No-GIL mode coming for Python

๐Ÿ“– Articles

Show HN: Pyflo โ€“ a free, interactive guide to learning Python

ramonvc / freegpt-webui
GPT 3.5/4 with a Chat Web UI. No API key required.

Overcoming Performance Bottlenecks with Async Python: A Deep Dive into CPU-Bound Code
The article discusses how to overcome performance bottlenecks in CPU-bound code using asynchronous programming in Python. The author provides a deep dive into the concepts of asynchronous programming and how they can be used to improve the performance of CPU-bound code.

JupyterCon 2023 Videos

Python: Profile a section of code with cProfile
The article describes how to use the cProfile module to profile a section of Python code. The cProfile module provides a detailed breakdown of the time spent in each function in the profiled code.

How ruff changed my Python programming habits

How to use a Python multiprocessing module

LPython: Novel, Fast, Retargetable Python Compiler

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2023-07-30

0xpayne / gpt-migrate
Easily migrate your codebase from one framework or language to another.

Building a simple but advanced Jsonic language using Python
The article outlines the development process of Jsonic, a custom JSON-like language, from its simple form to more advanced features, providing insights into language design and parsing techniques. It showcases how the language evolves and gains complexity while maintaining its JSON-like structure and usefulness for specific use cases.

Finding and fixing insecure direct object references in Python
In this post, we'll review common patterns and types of IDOR vulnerabilities and how to protect against them.

Bridging the Python async gap from the other side

โš™๏ธ Projects

FastAPI to the Cloud, Batteries Included!

MS Paint in your terminal.

Marsha is a functional, higher-level, English-based programming language that gets compiled into tested Python software by an LLM

Towards Richest and Most Diverse Unified Dataset Collection and Instruction-Aware Models for Conversational AI.

Build lightweight, extensible, and testable LLM Agents.

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