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Python Web Conf 2023 Videos
Watch 80 talks, tutorials, and socials from Python Web Conf 2023 on Six Feet Up's YouTube channel. Explore videos about Python, Django, Kubernetes, AI/ML, Big Data, CI/CD, Serverless, Security, Climate Tech, and more. Learn a new tool. Inspire others to use technology for good.

Cython 3.0.0
Cython 3.0.0 has been a very large effort that cleaned up many old warts, introduced many new features, and introduced a couple of intentional behavior changes, even though the goal remained to stay compatible as much as possible with Cython 0.29.x.

Use Microsoft Edge's online text-to-speech service from Python WITHOUT needing Microsoft Edge or Windows or an API key.

vectordb is a Pythonic vector database that offers a comprehensive suite of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations and robust scalability options, including sharding and replication.

Using ChatGPT to write Raspberry Pi Python code
Video demonstrates generating, running and editing code to control LEDs and servos connected to GPIO pins, as well as generating Python code to control a Raspberry Pi camera. But the method shown will work for any type of program, subject to the capabilities of ChatGPT.

📖 Articles

Weavechain Python API
Implement verifiability & self-sovereign data flows using Python, without smart-contract coding. Integrated with 28 DBs & 18 blockchains with more on roadmap.

Package Management in the Python extension for Visual Studio Code
The Python extension in VS Code is investigating ways to improve our package management support and have completed a comparison of support offered by various package management tools.

Remote Development in PyCharm Professional Using Google Cloud Code
In this tutorial, we will walk you through how to use PyCharm and Cloud Code to enhance and optimize your developer productivity.

How to Work With Time Series in Python?
A look at why Python is a great language for time-series analysis. Plus, tips for getting started today.

techleadhd / chatgpt-retrieval

Writing a 6502 emulator in Python
This  post details the author's experience of building a 6502 emulator entirely in Python, explaining the challenges faced and the step-by-step process to create a functional and efficient emulator for the vintage microprocessor architecture.

The Infinite Zoom Effect
How to turn outpainted image sequences created by Midjourney or other generative AI's into videos with an infinite zoom effect.

OpenDriveLab / UniAD
[CVPR 2023 Best Paper] Planning-oriented Autonomous Driving

microsoft / sample-app-aoai-chatGPT
[PREVIEW] Sample code for a simple web chat experience targeting chatGPT through AOAI.

turboderp / exllama
A more memory-efficient rewrite of the HF transformers implementation of Llama for use with quantized weights.

s0md3v / sd-webui-roop
roop extension for StableDiffusion web-ui

KopikatAPI is Python library for interacting with the Kopikat API.
Kopikat project allows people to generative data augmentation. So people can enlarge and diversify datasets and is specifically helpful for datasets with up to 5,000 images.

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2023-07-23

⚙️ Projects

An experimental AI framework for automated short/video content creation. Enables creators to rapidly produce, manage, and deliver content using AI and automation.

Official implementation of AnimateDiff, Animate Your Personalized Text-to-Image Diffusion Models without Specific Tuning.

Open source implementation of the ChatGPT Code Interpreter.

An AI-Powered Tool for Automated PR Analysis, Feedback, Suggestions and More!


Examples and recipes for Llama 2 model.

👾 Reddits

Spinning Cube in 45 lines, 45 Chars Each

I made a one-page comprehensive dashboard using Fitbit API, influxdb, and Grafana. Code and setup instructions are available in the comments.

Pynecone Is Now Reflex - Web Apps in Pure Python

Litestar (fka Starlite) Updates July '23 Edition

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