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πŸ’– Most Popular

Advanced Python Mastery – A Course by David Beazley

Mastering Python Context Managers
A Comprehensive Guide to Effective Resource Management.

Sweep is an AI junior dev that transforms bug reports & feature requests into code changes. Simply describe any issue and Sweep will do the rest. It will plan out what needs to be done, what changes to make, and write the changes to a PR.

The blazing-fast and developer-friendly federated learning framework.

Tracking Personal Finances using Python 🐍
This book teaches Python developers how to track their finances using *just* the Python ecosystem and a few plain-text files.

πŸ“– Articles

Kraken Technologies: How we organise our large Python monolith

Django: Clean up unused code with Vulture
The article provides a brief overview of how to use Vulture to clean up unused code in Django projects. It also discusses some of the limitations of Vulture and how to work around them.

Create a Programming Language and Learn Advanced Python

What AI can do with a toolbox... Getting started with Code Interpreter
Democratizing data analysis with AI.

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2023-07-16

WebGLM: An Efficient Web-enhanced Question Answering System (KDD 2023)

Text Chunking and Headings Grouping: A Guide to Parsing Documents with Pandoc and Python
In my previous blog post I explored using the unstructured python library for loading and parsing ...

How list.append is implemented in C-layer of CPython interpreter?

βš™οΈ Projects

An AI personal assistant for your digital brain.

Bridging Billions of Data and Humans with Autonomous Workflow.

Python can make 3M+ WebSocket keys per second
This article is about optimizing a tiny bit of Python code by replacing it with its C++ counterpart.

GPT based autonomous agent that does online comprehensive research on any given topic.

Simple boilerplate to get started with Generative AI models from Google Vertex AI based on FastAPI.

Unofficial and reverse-engineered Threads ( Python API wrapper. Supports read and write capabilities.

πŸ‘Ύ Reddits

Creating an Excel-Like GUI in Python

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