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CLI tools hidden in the Python standard library
A comprehensive collection of practical tips and examples showcasing various command-line interface (CLI) tools available in the Python Standard Library, providing valuable guidance for developers looking to leverage these built-in functionalities for efficient scripting and automation.

100% Offline ChatGPT Alternative?
In this video I show I was able to install an open source Large Language Model (LLM) called h2oGPT on my local computer for 100% private, 100% local chat with a GPT.

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2023-07-09

The easiest way to speed up Python with Rust
If you want to speed up some existing Python code, writing a compiled extension in Rust can be ...

If PEP 703 is accepted, Meta can commit three engineer-years to nogil CPython

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Python in 2023 still sucks at importing modules from another folder

Graphical Python Profiler

Back end of Meta Threads is built with Python 3.10 with some interesting tweaks

Automating Deployment of Applications using Kubernetes Python SDK

You Don’t Need __all__
Every now and then, I get a PR from a well-meaning contributor trying to add __all__ to a Python module for whatever reason. I always decline these, they are unnecessary (at least for the way I structure my code) and I thought I’d write a short post explaining why.

Django: Flush out test flakiness by randomly ordering QuerySets

Demystifying Text Data with the Unstructured Python Library

GPT Engineer: Things Are Starting to Get Weird
GPT Engineer is another nail in the coffin of software developers. In this video, I'll show you how it works. The tool is crazy powerful. Just specify what you want it to build, and then, well, it just builds it. I’ll show you how it works in today's video and share my thoughts on where this technology might lead us.

Organizing Database Queries: Managers vs. QuerySets
In this article Mariusz Felisiak introduces concepts of Django's Managers and QuerySet to organize common database queries.

Using the AWS Parameters and Secrets Lambda Extension with Python: A Practical Example
Using the AWS Parameters and Secrets Lambda Extension can speed up your Lambda code and save you money. In this practical example we will go through a full example, complete with a couple of gotchas I found that could catch you out.

Counting occurrences in Python with collections.Counter

Building a Toy Programming Language in Python - Part 1
The first installment of this series shows how to implement the lexer, parser and interpreter for a very simple version of the language that did only one thing: print numbers.

Generating Code without Generating Technical Debt?
The article also provides some tips on how to make the code generated by ChatGPT more maintainable, such as using short functions, splitting the code into smaller files, and using comments to explain the code.

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A blazing fast, lightweight, and simple vector database written in less than 200 lines of code.

Large-scale, Informative, and Diverse Multi-round Dialogue Data, and Models.

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