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What are your favorite extensions for VSCODE that make coding in Python easier?

Python dependency management redux

A Tale of Debugging: The Competitive Programmer Approach
Have the computer find the bugs for you.

PromtEngineer / localGPT
Chat with your documents on your local device using GPT models. No data leaves your device and 100% private.

When NumPy is too slow
What do you do when your NumPy code isn’t fast enough? We’ll discuss the options, from Numba to JAX to manual optimizations.

📖 Articles

Geospatial Data in your Graph
In this stream we explore some techniques for working with geospatial data in Neo4j. We will cover some basic spatial Cypher functions, spatial search, routing algorithms, and different methods of importing geospatial data into Neo4j.

Caching in Django with Redis
A step-by-step guide on implementing caching with Redis in Django.

Automating Python code quality
The article emphasizes the importance of code quality in Python software development, discussing various aspects such as style consistency, code readability, testing, and documentation. It provides practical tips and best practices to improve code quality and maintainability, ultimately enhancing the overall software development process.

Building a Toy Programming Language in Python
I thought it would be fun to go outside of my comfort zone of web development topics and write ...

Lightning-AI / lit-gpt
Hackable implementation of state-of-the-art open-source LLMs based on nanoGPT. Supports flash attention, Int8 and GPTQ 4bit quantization, LoRA and LLaMA-Adapter fine-tuning, pre-training. Apache 2.0-licensed.

ChristianLempa / videos
This is my video documentation. Here you'll find code-snippets, technical documentation, templates, command reference, and whatever is needed for all my YouTube Videos.

Problems faced when downstream testing Python packages
The article explores the importance of downstream testing in Python package development, focusing on the challenges and strategies for ensuring reliable and compatible software dependencies. It provides insights into various testing techniques and tools to enhance the quality and compatibility of Python packages in real-world scenarios.

Building Real-time Machine Learning Foundations at Lyft
The article highlights Lyft's efforts in developing real-time machine learning foundations to enhance their platform's performance and user experience. It explores the challenges faced and the strategies employed to build scalable and reliable machine learning systems within the context of a ride-sharing company.

Django Model Fields With Attributes

OAuth Authentication with Flask in 2023
A long time ago I wrote a tutorial on how to add logins with a social network to your Flask ...

XingangPan / DragGAN
Official Code for DragGAN (SIGGRAPH 2023)

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2023-07-02

Introduction to Causality in Machine Learning
Home Table of Contents Introduction to Causality in Machine Learning Correlation ...

Django security releases issued: 4.2.3, 4.1.10, and 3.2.20
In accordance with our security release policy, the Django team is issuing Django 4.2.3, Django ...

⚙️ Projects

Django LiveView
Framework for creating a complete HTML over the Wire site or LiveView.

A high-throughput and memory-efficient inference and serving engine for LLMs.

Framework to easily create LLM powered bots over any dataset.

The Future is Self-Written.

Fast Segment Anything.

Generative Models by Stability AI.

A simple and effective LLM pruning approach.

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Best Webhosting for Python

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