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The GIL Was Removed From Python!?
The GIL has been removed from Python! Has it though? Okay, let me clear some things up: Okay, allow ...

A non-mathematical introduction to Kalman Filters for programmers
The post offers programmers a non-mathematical introduction to Kalman filters, explaining their practical applications and benefits in various fields without delving into complex mathematical details. It serves as a beginner-friendly guide for understanding the fundamentals and potential uses of Kalman filters in a programming context.

Llama from scratch
A tutorial on how to implement a paper and debug your model.

Quirks of Python Package Versioning

Python: Just Write SQL

๐Ÿ“– Articles

Killing the ProcessPoolExecutor
A story about the Python GIL, threading, and fixing code that already works.

Python in Visual Studio Code โ€“ August 2023 Release
This release includes the following announcements:

Trafilatura: Python tool to gather text on the Web

Python AI Organ Segmentation Tutorial

Mpire: A Python package for easier and faster multiprocessing

How to create async Django forms in 2 minutes (with Alpine.js)
Here's a video showing you how to add async forms to a Django templates (no page reload) in 2 minutes. The guide uses Alpine.js to add minimal, neat Javascript.

PyTorch Memory Tuning
This article will focus on minimizing GPU memory footprint โ€” for both optimization and inference workloads. Throughput and latency usually get all the attention, but reducing memory consumption without making architecture sacrifices is often just as valuable.

How to profile a FastAPI asynchronous request
A short walkthrough of how to profile an HTTP request through an asynchronous FastAPI API handler.

Parameters, options and flags for Python scripts
SummaryWhile there are various ways of making a script configurable in Python, argparse is a very ...

Patterns for Building LLM-based Systems & Products
This post is about practical patterns for integrating large language models (LLMs) into systems and products. Weโ€™ll draw from academic research, industry resources, and practitioner know-how, and try to distill them into key ideas and practices.

OpenBMB / ToolBench
An open platform for training, serving, and evaluating large language model for tool learning.

Building and Evaluating Medical AI Models
Learn how to build and evaluate medical AI models with TensorFlow. This is a great, real world project for improving your machine learning skills. You will use TensorFlow to evaluate chest x-rays.

Creating a context manager in Python
Objects with `__enter__` and `__exit__` methods can be used as context managers in Python. This article discusses most of what you'll want to know when creating your own context managers.

Show HN: I wrote a RDBMS (SQLite clone) from scratch in pure Python

The weirdest Python keyword
SummaryYou can create a very peculiar object using parenthesis on a comprehension:>>> ...

Behind "Hello World" on Linux
When you run a simple "Hello World" Python program on Linux, a lot more happens behind the scenes than you might think. This post explores the different steps that take place when you run a "Hello World" program, from parsing the command line to executing the code.

Python 3.12.0 release candidate 1 released

Show HN: Pykoi โ€“ a Python library for LLM data collection and fine tuning

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2023-08-13

NumPy Examples โ€” Practice Questions Make You an Expert

huggingface / trl
Train transformer language models with reinforcement learning.

Function Calling: Integrate Your GPT Chatbot With Anything
Learn about GPT new function calling feature which allows chatbots to interact with anything, opening up new possibilities for AI-powered applications.

Django: The perils of string_if_invalid in templates

Dealing with Pandas's nullable float dtypes

Python SDK for the Uniswap Universal Router
The object of this library is to easily decode & encode the transaction input sent to the latest Uniswap router.

โš™๏ธ Projects

The AI Coding Assistant.

An open-source Python library for poker simulations and hand evaluations.

Developer-friendly, serverless vector database for AI applications.

Multi agent system for AI-driven software development. Convert natural language requirements into working software. Supports any development language and extends the existing base code.

A program synthesis agent that autonomously fixes its output by running tests!

A diffusion model to colorize black and white images.

Functionary is a language model that can interpret and execute functions/plugins.

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