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Vision-CAIR / MiniGPT-4
MiniGPT-4: Enhancing Vision-language Understanding with Advanced Large Language Models

openai / plugins-quickstart
Get a ChatGPT plugin up and running in under 5 minutes!

muellerberndt / mini-agi
MiniAGI is a minimal general-purpose autonomous agent based on GPT-3.5 / GPT-4. Can analyze stock prices, perform network security tests, create art, and order pizza.

houseofsecrets / SdPaint
Stable Diffusion Painting

5 Tips for Writing Great Code Documentation
This video shares the essential principles for creating clear, concise, and effective code documentation. From commenting to docstrings, you’ll learn how to make your code documentation shine and improve accessibility for others.

📖 Articles

Implement DNS in a weekend
An interactive tutorial on implementing a basic DNS server using Python, guiding users through the process step-by-step with clear explanations and code examples, making it a useful resource for learning and understanding DNS server implementation.

Why you should still read the docs
Do you feel you're fighting your tools? Do you feel you're relying too much on autocomplete and inline documentation? Most good documentation won't show up in your IDE – rather, it is about how to use the library, and the problem the library is solving.

Datalab: A Linter for ML Datasets
Catch issues in your data/labels. This unified audit uses your ML model to automatically detect various problems in real-world datasets that can be fixed to produce a better model.

Build a Routing Web App With Neo4j, OpenStreetMap, and Leaflet.js
Hands-On Workshop Exploring Working With Road Network Data and Routing With Graph Algorithms.

Building a Headless E-Commerce App Using OceanBase and Python
This post demonstrates how to use OceanBase in a Python project. We will create a REST API that serves as the backend of a headless e-commerce app.

Learning Physically Simulated Tennis Skills from Broadcast Videos
The research project "Vid2Player3D" by NVIDIA aims to develop a deep learning model that can convert 2D videos into 3D animations by leveraging temporal coherence and depth cues, enabling the generation of realistic 3D virtual characters from ordinary videos.

Optimize Django Query Performance by combining Select Related and Prefetch Related
When building a Django application, one of the key challenges developers face is optimizing database query performance. Django provides two tools,select_related and prefetch_related, that reduce the number of database queries, and increase the performance of your application. This post explores the power of these two methods and how to combine them to maximize your application’s query performance.

Integrals 300X Faster in Python (DON'T use SciPy)
The video discusses the use of TorchQuad, which is a library of different integration techniques built using PyTorch functionality that utilizes GPU accelerated operations for faster computations. The video shows a basic example and goes on to demonstrate a physics problem and derivation of a four-dimensional integral that can be solved using TorchQuad library.

Sorting a Django queryset by a custom sequence of an attribute

RPython-based emulator speeds up RISC-V simulation over 15x

The Little Book of Deep Learning
A short introduction to deep learning. It aims at providing the necessary context to understand key recent AI models for image generation and language processing.

deforum-art / sd-webui-deforum
Deforum extension script for AUTOMATIC1111's Stable Diffusion webui

xtekky / gpt4free
decentralising the Ai Industry, just some language model api's...

OpenLMLab / MOSS
An open-source tool-augmented conversational language model from Fudan University

haotian-liu / LLaVA
Large Language-and-Vision Assistant built towards multimodal GPT-4 level capabilities.

ruoccofabrizio / azure-open-ai-embeddings-qna
A simple web application for a OpenAI-enabled document search. This repo uses Azure OpenAI Service for creating embeddings vectors from documents. For answering the question of a user, it retrieves the most relevant document and then uses GPT-3, GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 to extract the matching answer for the question.

Writing Python like it's Rust

⚙️ Projects

smol developer
Human-centric & Coherent Whole Program Synthesis aka your own personal junior developer

A guidance language for controlling large language models.

A query language for programming (large) language models.

Infinite Drawboard in Python.

Personalized Robot Assistance with Large Language Models.

Karrio is an open-source shipping infrastructure for platform. With Karrio, you can build shipping experience into your platform, access a network of shipping carriers with a single API integration, automate fulfilment and improve logistics operations.

Dump all your files and thoughts into your GenerativeAI brain and chat with it.

A Pure Python, React-style Framework for Scaling Your Jupyter and Web Apps.

Exploiting Diffusion Prior for Real-World Image Super-Resolution.

One Embedding Space To Bind Them All.

Python dependency vulnerability scanner, written in Rust.

The python package that returns response of Google Bard through API.

Auto-generate friendly terminal user interfaces for command line apps.

👾 Reddits

I’m open-sourcing the Python interface for JOY OF PROGRAMMING - a programming game where you automate all kinds of machines, robots, drones and more.

Stylize Vector Art Lora Model Tutorial

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