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Starfyre - A Python Web Framework for creating frontend web applications

pyscript / pyscript
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Extending web applications with WebAssembly and Python

Faster CPython at PyCon, part one

5 Horrifying Python Techniques to get you fired
Python is a great language, with a few... exploits. While a lot of implementation details make it easier to work with, they also lead to quirks - quirks which can be exploited for fun (and profit?). Whether it's variables, match statements, type hinting, imports, or even just trying to fit everything on one line, this talk has more than a few slithering tricks up its sleeve.

📖 Articles

“Externally managed environments”: when PEP 668 breaks pip
You’re on a new version of Linux, you try a pip install, and it errors out, talking about “externally managed environments” and “PEP 668”. What’s going on? How do you solve this?

Deploy a Voice-Based Chatbot with BentoML, LangChain, and Gradio
The article provides a tutorial on how to deploy a voice-based chatbot using several open-source tools, including BentoML, LangChain, and Gradio. It covers the steps for building and training a chatbot model, integrating it with voice commands, and deploying the model as a web service for real-time interactions with users.

Bevy v2.0 - The Simple Python Dependency Injection Framework
Modern software can be complex, with many components that depend on each other. It can be hard to manage those dependencies without your project becoming a mess of spaghetti code. This article introduces you to Bevy v2.0, a robust Dependency Injection framework that will help you simplify your Python applications.

Trusted Publishing; how to publish to PyPI with Github Actions

Polars Crash Course: Python's Library of Big Data Analytics

Faster CPython at PyCon, part two

Donkeycar: A Python self driving library

Python Port of 600 Line Bash Script: for Rsync Backups

facebookresearch / AnimatedDrawings
Code to accompany "A Method for Animating Children's Drawings of the Human Figure"

microsoft / DeepSpeedExamples
Example models using DeepSpeed

farshadz1997 / Microsoft-Rewards-bot
A simple bot that uses Selenium to farm Microsoft Rewards written in Python

lightaime / camel
🐫 CAMEL: Communicative Agents for “Mind” Exploration of Large Scale Language Model Society

linyiLYi / street-fighter-ai
This is an AI agent for Street Fighter II Champion Edition.

Real Multithreading is Coming to Python — Learn How You Can Use It Now
True multi-core concurrency is coming to Python in 3.12 release and here’s how you can use it right now using sub-interpreter API

15 Python Tips To Take Your Code To The Next Level!

Intro to PDB, the Python Debugger
Looks like crap, but tastes great

⚙️ Projects

You probably don't know how to do Prompt Engineering
Features missing from most LLM front-ends that should exist.

Generate 3D objects conditioned on text or images.

LLM training code for MosaicML foundation models.

Exact structure out of any language model completion.

RasaGPT is the first headless LLM chatbot platform built on top of Rasa and Langchain.

Your all-in-one Django-Docker starter kit. Pre-configured services including PostgreSQL, Redis, Celery, with Nginx and Traefik for production. Streamlined development with included tools for testing and formatting.

Interact privately with your documents using the power of GPT, 100% privately, no data leaks.

👾 Reddits

Pip 23.1 Released - Massive improvement to backtracking

If you are lost in the ocean of python packaging, take a look at this book.

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