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Adding Virtual Environments to Git Repo

xtekky / chatgpt-clone
ChatGPT interface with better UI

Significant-Gravitas / Auto-GPT-Plugins
Plugins for Auto-GPT

h2oai / h2o-llmstudio
H2O LLM Studio - a framework and no-code GUI for fine-tuning LLMs

FreedomIntelligence / LLMZoo
⚡LLM Zoo is a project that provides data, models, and evaluation benchmark for large language models.⚡

📖 Articles

deforum-art / deforum-stable-diffusion

Josh-XT / AGiXT
AGiXT is a dynamic AI Automation Platform that seamlessly orchestrates instruction management and complex task execution across diverse AI providers. Combining adaptive memory, smart features, and a versatile plugin system, AGiXT delivers efficient and comprehensive AI solutions.

OpenBMB / BMTools
Tool Learning for Big Models, Open-Source Solutions of ChatGPT-Plugins

ChatGPT + Noteable (Jupyter) = Mind-blowing!
Do you use Python, Pandas, and Seaborn to collect, analyze, and plot data? Then you'll be amazed by what ChatGPT can do, when using ChatGPT+, GPT-4 model, and the plugin for Noteable's version of Jupyter notebooks.

Python Wizardry: The Secret to Writing Great Classes
Learn 5 essential tips for writing Python classes that will help you take your object-oriented programming skills to the next level.

Using a Golang package in Python using Gopy

AIGC-Audio / AudioGPT
AudioGPT: Understanding and Generating Speech, Music, Sound, and Talking Head

deep-floyd / IF

UX-Decoder / Segment-Everything-Everywhere-All-At-Once
Official implementation of the paper "Segment Everything Everywhere All at Once"

Python Recursion: A Trampoline from the Mutual Head to the Memoized Nested Tail

GreyDGL / PentestGPT
A GPT-empowered penetration testing tool

farizrahman4u / loopgpt
Modular Auto-GPT Framework

Makefile Tricks for Python Projects

Large Language Models Do Not Recognize Identifier Swaps in Python

lamini-ai / lamini

⚙️ Projects

👾 Reddits

What's the most pointless program you've made with Python that you still use today?

Completely rebuilt classic Donkey Kong in Python using the PyGame module!

A Python package to retrieve data from Steam

Open-Source Hawkeye for Volleyball

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