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Python Dataclass: Easily Automate Class Best Practices

Useful Python Decorators for Data Scientists

Automate All the Boring Kubernetes Operations With Python
Learn how you can use Python’s Kubernetes Client library to automate all the boring Kubernetes tasks and operations.

Python Standard Library changes in recent years

inventree / InvenTree
Open Source Inventory Management System

📖 Articles

Pikascript: An ultra-lightweight Python engine that can run in 4Kb of RAM

saleor / saleor
A modular, high performance, headless e-commerce platform built with Python, GraphQL, Django, and React.

Animating Regular Expressions with Python and Graphviz

Making pip installs a little less slow
Installing your Python application’s dependencies can be surprisingly slow. Whether ...

heartexlabs / label-studio
Label Studio is a multi-type data labeling and annotation tool with standardized output format

Tips that may save you from the hell of PyYAML

What’s in Which Python

Python Sentiment Analysis Project with NLTK and 🤗 Transformers. Classify Amazon Reviews!!
In this video you will go through a Natural Language Processing Python Project creating a Sentiment Analysis classifier with NLTK's VADER and Huggingface Roberta Transformers. The project is to classify the sentiment of amazon customer reviews.

Faster, more memory-efficient Python JSON parsing with msgspec
msgspec is a schema-based JSON encoder/decoder, which allows you to process large files with lower memory and CPU usage. If you’re parsing JSON files on a regular basis, and you’re hitting performance or memory issues, or you just want built-in schemas, consider giving it a try.

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Python 3.10 Match statements are 86% faster than If statements

Developing a multiplayer co-op zombie survival in pygame and python!

I asked the GPT-3 AI to write a python program to find a solution to an image of a maze. It worked.

Fill your images with amogi using Python!

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