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A New Way to Automate Google Sheets with Python

gradio-app / gradio
Create UIs for your machine learning model in Python in 3 minutes

Micro Graph Database for Python Applications.

Memory Management in Python - Part 1: What Are Pointers?
A tour of some of CPython’s dark memory magic and unintuitive behaviours!

The Python GIL: Past, Present, and Future
Learn about the history of Python's GIL and what the future holds for it.

📖 Articles

borisdayma / dalle-mini
DALL·E Mini - Generate images from a text prompt

Someone is trying to typosquatting the Python requests package

Web scraping with Python open knowledge

PyCon US 2022 Videos

The unreasonable effectiveness of f-strings and re.VERBOSE
A look at one or two ways to make life easier when working with Python regular expressions.

Multitenancy with FastAPI, SQLAlchemy and PostgreSQL
Find out how to split your tenant data using PostgreSQL, extend your FastAPI backend to handle multitenancy and perform migrations with Alembic.

How to Make Automatic Supercuts

Debugging a Mysterious Python Crash

neonbjb / tortoise-tts
A multi-voice TTS system trained with an emphasis on quality

diego-vicente / som-tsp
Solving the Traveling Salesman Problem using Self-Organizing Maps

A full stack component framework for Django using Alpine.js

Bundling binary tools in Python wheels

How to Create a Command-line Application with argparse
Python comes with a built-in library called argparse that you can use to create a command-line interface. In this article, you will learn about Parsing Arguments, Creating Helpful Messages, Adding Aliases, Using Mutually Exclusive Arguments, and Creating a Simple Search Utility.

⚙️ Projects

Objectiv is open-source product analytics infrastructure with a generic event taxonomy.

Just enough git and GitHub to be productive

Insert a message and attachments and send e-mail / sign / encrypt contents by a single line.

Save your dotfiles once, deploy them everywhere.

NiChord is a Python package for visualizing functional connectivity data.

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