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Web Scraping with Python: Everything you need to know

Pandas Tutor - visualize Python pandas code

Python for DevOps Master Class 2022: CI/CD, Github Actions, Containers and Microservices

Python Language Summit: Python Without the GIL

Pip vs Pipenv: Which is better and which to learn first?
Pipenv and pip are both excellent tools for installing and managing Python dependencies that are ...

📖 Articles

Python decorator patterns
This post shows you toy implementations of Python decorator patterns such as @measure, @repeat, @trace, @count, @singleton, and @app.route (made famous by Flask).

Python in Visual Studio Code – May 2022 Release
With this release we’re introducing three new extensions: Black, isort, and Jupyter Powertoys.

Boring Python: dependency management
This is the first in hopefully a series of posts I intend to write about how to ...

Celery Alternative for Django - Huey
Trying out a lightweight asynchronous task queue as an alternative to Celery with Django.

Managing Python Versions with Pyenv

Slik: A data processing and modelling Python library

My First Impression Trying Python on Browser
The only missing piece to make Python a universal programming language is hereContinue reading on ...

Brief Descriptions of a Python to C++ Translator

A Simple & Effective Way To Improve Python Class Performance
There's a very simple way to improve Python performance of your code. And you know what's so nice about this performance improvement? It also nudges you to use good Python software design practices - it's a win-win!

Introducing Woodwork
Woodwork is a Python library that provides robust methods for managing and communicating data typing information. Woodwork can be used as a part of your existing workflow to properly type your data and communicate your data types to downstream processes.

Django Friday Tips: Less known builtin commands
Django management commands can be very helpful while developing your application or website, we are very used to runserver, makemigrations, migrate, shell and others. Third party packages often provide extra commands and you can easily add new commands to your own apps. Lets take a look at some less known and yet very useful commands that Django provides out of the box.

Adding GraphQL to your Django App
There are a variety of choices when it comes to libraries to assist you in adding GraphQL support to your application. The two main contenders are Graphene and Strawberry, both of which have specific Django extensions (graphene-django and strawberry-graphql-django) that use introspection on your models in building out the types for the API.

⚙️ Projects

Deploying Django To App Engine With Github Actions

A cli to provision and manage local developer environments.

A distributed task processing framework for Django built on top of the Postgres NOTIFY/LISTEN protocol.

CaskDB is a disk-based, embedded, persistent, key-value store based on the Riak's bitcask paper, written in Python.

👾 Reddits

I used a new dataframe library (polars) to wrangle 300M prices and discover some of the most expensive hospitals in America. Code/notebook in article

Sorting lists in python: sorted() vs sort()

How can I make 1.9999999999999999999 into 1?

What's the oldest Python version my package should support?

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