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78 Python data science practice problems in a single github repo including numpy, pandas, matplotlib, scipy, regex, pytorch

Python is About to Become 64% Faster — Python 3.10 vs. Python 3.11 Benchmark
Get excited about Python 3.11 — It’s finally the time for significant ...

5 Things That Will Instantly Make Your Python Code More Pythonic
Understanding The Rules Of The LanguageContinue reading on Towards Data Science ...

How to add a DEBUG mode for your Python Logging Mid-Run
Configuring a Debug mode with your logging on the flyContinue reading on Towards Data Science ...

Python’s “Type Hints” are a bit of a disappointment to me

📖 Articles

How to Set Up a Development Environment for Machine Learning
How to install, activate, and use a virtual environment for machine learning and data ...

When Python can't thread: a deep-dive into the GIL's impact
Most computers these days come with multiple cores, allowing multiple threads to run ...

Scripnix: Useful Python3 and bash shell scripts for macOS/BSD and *NIX

A Comprehensive Guide to Image Augmentation using Pytorch
A way to increase the amount of data and make the model more robustContinue reading on Towards Data ...

Snake in the powershell / terminal [with python]
A video about creating the snake game in the windows powershell or the mac and linux terminal with python.

How to Structure a Data Science Project for Readability and Transparency
And How to Create One in One Line of Code.

Django security releases issued: 4.0.4, 3.2.13, and 2.2.28

Threading in Python: The Complete Guide
This guide provides a detailed and comprehensive review of threading in Python, including how threads work, how to use threads in multithreaded programming, concurrency primitives used with threads, common questions, and best practices.

Building a Panel Dashboard with Snowpark for Python
Data scientists often use SQL to interact with a data warehouse, but then often rely on Python for data discovery, visualization, and modeling. How great would it be if we can interact with a data warehouse directly with our preferred tools in Python? This article shows you how to create Panel dashboard to meaningfully visualize the 5 million data points from a Snowflake dataset.

⚙️ Projects

A TUI chat client writtten in Python.

A Python exception library designed to make handling and displaying exceptions a cinch.

mdiff is a package, tool and application for comparing and generating diff info for input data. It has an ability to detect sequence elements displacements (i.e. line in text have been moved up or down).

Moriarty tries to find important information about a spesific phone number.

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