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Introducing PyScript — How to Run Python in Your Browser
Is Python the new JavaScript now? Well, no, but you can still do cool things.Continue reading on ...

An Example of Automated Hacking with Python

New from Anaconda: Python in the Browser

Managing Python Environments in 2022 (for the 99%)
Install mambaforge, use mamba to install packages, and pin direct dependencies inside your environment.yml.

Run Python in Your HTML via Pyodide

📖 Articles

14 Datasets for Your Next Data Science Project
With tutorials on text/image classification, recommender system, data visualization, and ...

Sudoku smashing solution
Exhaustive Sudoku solving bot tutorial: Image and optical character recognition plus text to ...

Django Day 2022 Videos

Show HN: PyNeuraLogic: Python Differentiable Logic Programs

You Should Compile Your Python and Here’s Why

Acquire and Visualize US Inflation Data with the BLS API, Python, and Tableau
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) collects and analyzes data in the field of labor ...

Show HN: Hatch 1.0.0 – Modern, extensible Python project management

MicroPython in Docker Containers
You know how to run MicroPython on hardware, but what if you don't have a microcontroller lying around? That's where Docker comes in!

Reading date arguments to a Python script using argparse

Windmill: Company-wide apps and automations from minimal python scripts

Reloadium – Advanced hot reloading for Python

rdeepak2002 / reddit-place-script-2022
Script to draw an image onto r/place (

Discussion with Sebastián Ramírez
A great discussion with Sebastián Ramírez, creator of FastAPI, Typer, SQL Model, and more.

In-Depth Analysis of Moonbirds NFTs using Python and Alchemy
In this blog post, we will use Python and Alchemy to do a deep dive analysis of the collection in its first week of trading. In section 1, we will cover how to download Moonbirds data using Python and Alchemy. In Section 2, we will do a deep dive analysis to understand better the sales trends, the price movements and the holders of Moonbirds.

Economic Data Analysis Project with Python Pandas
In this video kaggle grandmaster Rob Mulla takes you through an economic data analysis project with python pandas. We walk through the process of pulling down the data for different economic indicators, cleaning and joining the data. Using the Fred api you can pull up to date data and compare, analyze and explore.

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PyStockWatch - a GUI that displays NYSE data.

A Hitomezashi pattern generator I made in python!

how to avoid being flagged as a bot while making a webscraping program?

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