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Memray: a memory profiler for Python

I developed a template for starting new Python projects! Features: Poetry, GitHub CI/CD, MkDocs, publishing to PyPi/Artifactory, Pytest, Tox, black and isort.

Bloomberg just Open sourced Memray a memory profiler for Python

docTR (Document Text Recognition) - a seamless, high-performing & accessible library for OCR-related tasks powered by Deep Learning.

Analyze and Visualize URLs with Network Graph
Gain Insights from Your URLs in PythonContinue reading on Towards Data Science ...

📖 Articles

AtsushiSakai / PythonRobotics
Python sample codes for robotics algorithms.

Easily Automate and Never Touch your Documentation Again!
Completely automated documentation process in Python using MkDocs and some custom scripts!Continue ...

Minimalist dependency injection in Python (2021)

Managing Data for Machine Learning Project
In this post, we explore different formats and libraries that you can use to store and retrieve your data in Python.

Python Game Development Project Using OOP – Minesweeper Tutorial
In this course, you will improve your Python skills by coding a Minesweeper game using the tkinter library. The game is fully implemented using Object Oriented Programming.

Show HN: PyInpaint, a lightweight image inpainting tool written in Python

Everything About Linked List Data Structure in Python: Intermediate Guide
In this article we will focus on a complete walk through of a Python linked list data ...

Singleton is a bad idea
Design patterns are a great way to think about interactions among classes. But the classic ...

Packaging PyQt6 applications for Windows with PyInstaller & InstallForge
Turn your PyQt6 application into a distributable installer for Windows.

Python custom formatting
Python f-strings use a formatting mini-language, the same as the older .format() function. After ...

danielgatis / rembg
Rembg is a tool to remove images background.

StarJacking - Making Your New Open Source Package Popular in a Snap
Checkmarx supply chain security has recently found a malicious PyPi package with more than 70,000 downloads using a technique we dubbed StarJacking - a way to make an open source package instantly look popular by abusing the lack of validation between the package to its GitHub repository

⚙️ Projects

Flutter Reverse Engineering Framework.

A cookiecutter template for poetry managed python projects.

Improving Code Reviews with Github’s Copilot
How does GitHub Copilot and Codespaces help data scientists to write, understand, and review code?

QT Theme for Win32 apps on Windows 11.

👾 Reddits

I created a self-hosted security camera system

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