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The fastest tool for querying large JSON files is written in Python (benchmark)

Head-First Kubernetes
A Kubernetes tutorial for complete beginners.

Python f-strings Are More Powerful Than You Might Think
Learn about the unknown features of Python’s f-strings — the formatted ...

Hands On Signal Processing with Python
From theory to practice: here’s how to perform frequency analysis, noise filtering and ...

What to Expect in Python 3.11
Exploring the new additions and updates in Python 3.11 and how to get early access to 3.11 ...

📖 Articles

Python App in the Browser

Generate Python extensions using Nim language

Ana is a Python, PHP, and C inspired dynamically typed scripting language

How to write a Python script to create dynamic Ansible inventories
Write a script in Python that fetches hosts using Nmap to generate dynamic inventories.

Python Bi-Dictionary —  Key Can Be Value, And Value Can Be Key
A bi-directional dictionary in Python, perfect patch to Python data structureContinue reading on ...

lukas-blecher / LaTeX-OCR
pix2tex: Using a ViT to convert images of equations into LaTeX code.

Python f-strings Are More Powerful Than You Might Think
Learn about the unknown features of Python’s f-strings — the formatted string literals — and up your text formatting knowledge and skills.

Pyjion, a JIT compiler for Python using .NET Core with Anthony Shaw

A Complete Guide to Sets in Python
Key features of a set, implementing set, accessing items, Mutability, and additional ...

How to sort case insensitively with empty strings last in Django
Imagine you have something like this in Django: class MyModel(models.Models): last_name = ...

How is PyPy Tested?
This post gives an overview of how the PyPy project does and thinks about testing.

Pathways Language Model (PaLM)
Scaling to 540 Billion Parameters for Breakthrough Performance.

Introduction to Streamlit and Streamlit Components
This article will show you how to build Streamlit apps and custom Streamlit Components, with the end goal of implementing Auth0 authentication of Streamlit apps using Streamlit Components.

The best way to store data in python & pandas.. spoiler: it's not CSV
In this video we discuss the best way to save off data as files using python and pandas. When you are working with large datasets there comes a time when you need to store your data. Most people turn to CSV files because they are easy to share and universally used. But there are much better options out there!

Python List sort(): An In-Depth Guide to Sorting Lists
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Python to sort a list using the sort() method. Being able to work with lists is an essential skill in Python, given their prevalence. Because lists are ordered and mutable data structures, we can modify their order. The list.sort() method allows you to do exactly this! The method is a valuable method that allows you to sort in many custom ways.

⚙️ Projects

Easily build, backtest and deploy your algo in just a few lines of code. Trade stocks, cryptos, and forex across exchanges w/ one package.

MetricFlow allows you to define, build, and maintain metrics in code.

Decoupling producers and consumers of iterables with generators in Python

A supercharged version of paperless: scan, index and archive all your physical documents.

A library implementing C++'s custom literal suffixes using pure Python.

Pipe your git diff output into dunk to make it prettier!

CodeGen is an open-source model for program synthesis. Trained on TPU-v4. Competitive with OpenAI Codex.

Reduce GitHub Actions costs by running multiple runners inside of a single GitHub Action Runner.

Rentfree Media
RentFree Media is a media distribution framework built on Django and Wagtail. With it you can publish either public or premium / subscription-based content similar to the features provided in services such as Patreon, Apple Podcasts, and Substack.

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