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OpenTelemetry and Python: A Complete Instrumentation Guide
Learn how to instrument Python code with OpenTelemetry, both manually and using auto-instrumentation.

Stop Hardcoding Values in Python Appsโ€Šโ€”โ€ŠUse JSON Configuration Files Instead
Hardcoding Python app configuration is never a good idea. Try this alternative insteadContinue ...

Python in Visual Studio Code โ€“ April 2022 Release
In this release weโ€™re introducing the following changes:

Decorators in Python โ€“ How to enhance functions without changing the code?
Decorators in python allow you to dynamically change the functionality of another function, without ...

A data engineering project with Kafka, Spark Streaming, dbt, Docker, Airflow, Terraform, GCP and much more!

๐Ÿ“– Articles

How to make the most of Pydantic
How to Make the Most of PydanticExplore techniques for data contract validation, higher ...

pytorch / torchrec
Pytorch domain library for recommendation systems

MatrixTM / MHDDoS
Best DDoS Attack Script Python3, Cyber Attack With 51 Methods

Time Series Forecasting with Ploomber, Arima, Python, and Slurm
In this post you will see how the authors took a raw .ipynb notebook that does time series forecasting with Arima, modularized it into a Ploomber pipeline, and ran parallel jobs on Slurm.

AlexTrushkovsky / NoWarDDoS

Does Coding in Pythonic Zen Peak Performance?

Discovering basic blocks
In this post, we will learn how to construct a control-flow graph (CFG) from a subset of CPython (3.6+) bytecode. We will also coincidentally be using Python (3.6+) as a programming language, but the concepts should be applicable to other bytecode and using other programming languages.

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Image/video upscaling GUI app based on BRSGAN & RealSR_JPEG.

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PEP 9001

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