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OpenTelemetry and Python: A Complete Instrumentation Guide
Learn how to instrument Python code with OpenTelemetry, both manually and using auto-instrumentation.

Stop Hardcoding Values in Python Apps — Use JSON Configuration Files Instead
Hardcoding Python app configuration is never a good idea. Try this alternative insteadContinue ...

Python in Visual Studio Code – April 2022 Release
In this release we’re introducing the following changes:

Decorators in Python – How to enhance functions without changing the code?
Decorators in python allow you to dynamically change the functionality of another function, without ...

A data engineering project with Kafka, Spark Streaming, dbt, Docker, Airflow, Terraform, GCP and much more!

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How to make the most of Pydantic
How to Make the Most of PydanticExplore techniques for data contract validation, higher ...

pytorch / torchrec
Pytorch domain library for recommendation systems

MatrixTM / MHDDoS
Best DDoS Attack Script Python3, Cyber Attack With 51 Methods

Time Series Forecasting with Ploomber, Arima, Python, and Slurm
In this post you will see how the authors took a raw .ipynb notebook that does time series forecasting with Arima, modularized it into a Ploomber pipeline, and ran parallel jobs on Slurm.

AlexTrushkovsky / NoWarDDoS

Does Coding in Pythonic Zen Peak Performance?

Discovering basic blocks
In this post, we will learn how to construct a control-flow graph (CFG) from a subset of CPython (3.6+) bytecode. We will also coincidentally be using Python (3.6+) as a programming language, but the concepts should be applicable to other bytecode and using other programming languages.

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Image/video upscaling GUI app based on BRSGAN & RealSR_JPEG.

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PEP 9001

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