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Bashing the Bash – Replacing Shell Scripts with Python

Object Oriented Programming (OOPS) in Python
Object oriented programming is an effective way of writing code. You create classes which are ...

BlocklyML visual programming tool for Machine learning and Python

Efficient Pandas Dataframes in Python
In this video Rob Mulla teaches how to make your pandas dataframes more efficient by casting dtypes correctly. This will make your code faster, use less memory and smaller when saving to disk or a database.

Python and Qt Simplified. Create a Python GUI in Minutes

📖 Articles

Running Python in WebAssembly
Python can now be compiled to Wasm. In this post, we show how to run cloud-side Python in a WebAssembly runtime.

Real Time Inference on Raspberry Pi 4 (30 fps!)

Text Similarity w/ Levenshtein Distance in Python
Building a Plagiarism Detection Pipeline in Python.

hpcaitech / ColossalAI
Colossal-AI: A Unified Deep Learning System for Large-Scale Parallel Training

Pre-Allocated Lists in Python

The Right Way to Compare Floats in Python

I made an event-driven system to quickly make GUIs with Python and pyimgui

The counter-intuitive rise of Python in scientific computing (2020)

Working with Image Data in Python
In this video I show how to work with image data in python! Using the popular python packages matplotlib and opencv you will learn how to open image data, how the data is formatted, some ways to manipulate the data and save it off in a different format.

This Is Why Python Data Classes Are Awesome
Data classes in Python are really powerful and not just for representing structured data. In this video I show you what you can do with dataclasses as well as new capabilities that have been added in Python 3.10.

Overlooked facts about variables and objects in Python: it's all about pointers
In Python, variables and data structures don’t contain objects. This fact is both commonly overlooked and tricky to internalize. You can happily use Python for years without really understanding the concepts below, but this knowledge can certainly help alleviate many common Python gotchas.

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