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đź’– Most Popular

How To Become A Task Automation Hero Using Python [With Examples]

The Coolest Data Science Project for 2021
Build and Deploy Your Own AI Platform with Python and Django

5 Python Tricks You Should Start Using in 2021
Python is evolving. Don’t get left behind!

best-of-python: A ranked list of awesome Python libraries and tools

Anomaly Detection using Autoencoders
Perform fraud detection using Autoencoders in TensorFlow

đź“– Articles

The Power of Lambda Expressions in Python
A practical guide with examples

Essential Python Every Data Scientist Should Know In 2021
Up your Python game 10x!

Learn Python Data Analytics By Example: NY Parking Violations
A fun mini project and detailed…

15 Must-Know Machine Learning Algorithms
A comprehensive guide for machine learning

How To Create Custom Classes in Python Without Going Meta
Build powerful Python metaclasses

Learn Quantum Computing With These Seven Projects

Trading Dashboard Pt.2 — Yfinance & Python.

Parameters: One Class to Rule Them All
When working on a complex project in Python that has many…

5-Minute Machine Learning: Naive Bayes
Bayes Theorem and Naive Bayes

Create Your Own Active Matter Simulation (With Python)

3 Ways to Tune Hyperparameters of Machine Learning Models with Python
From scratch to Grid Search —…

How Bayesian Statistics convinced me to sleep more
Bayesian linear regression in Python to quantify my…

The Slowest Modern Programming Languages
And the reasons as to why they are…

Top 5 Programming Languages to learn in 2021
Which Programming Language to Choose?

How to add Decision Threshold tuning to your end to end ML pipelines

Finding the Words to Say: Hidden State Visualizations for Language Models
window.ecco = {}; let dataPath = '/data/'; let ecco_url = '/assets/'; let dataPath = ...

⚙️ Projects

Eloston / ungoogled-chromium
Google Chromium, sans integration with Google

Netflix / consoleme
ConsoleMe consolidates the management of multiple AWS accounts into a single interface. It allows your end-users and administrators to get credentials for your different accounts, and allows your users/administrators to manage or request cloud permissions.

đź‘ľ Reddits

Creating an unbeatable tic-tac-toe AI using Minimax

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