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60 Python Projects with Source Code
60 Python Projects with Source code solved and explained for free

I made a course on NumPy. It got good reviews, but sales were weak so I'm releasing the entire thing for free.

Social Network Analysis: From Graph Theory to Applications with Python

SQL Cheat Sheet — SQL Reference Guide for Data Analysis
Whether you’re learning SQL through one of our interactive SQL courses or by some other means, it ...

10 Surprisingly Useful Base Python Functions
Brush up on your standard library of modules with this…

đź“– Articles

Python Clean Code: 6 Best Practices to Make Your Python Functions More Readable
Stop writing Python…

A Comprehensive Guide for Classes in Python
How to define and interact with a class

Creating a Financial Dashboard Using Python and Streamlit
Using the Streamlit library to display…

7 Uncommon But Useful Pandas Functions
Functions to boost your Pandas skills

A comprehensive guide to debugging Python scripts in VS Code
Learn how to efficiently debug your…

Getting Started with Anaconda
1 Introduction 2 Install Anaconda 3 Getting Started with Anaconda Navigator 4 Getting Started with ...

Dying, fast and slow: out-of-memory crashes in Python
A segfaulting program might be the symptom of a bug in C code–or it might be that your process is ...

Singletons: Instantiate objects only once

Flourish is a visual toy app that draws harmonographs, sinuous curves simulating a multi-pendulum ...

⚙️ Projects

Bitwise-01 / Instagram-
Bruteforce attack for Instagram

PiotrMachowski / Xiaomi-cloud-tokens-extractor
This tool/script retrieves tokens for all devices connected to Xiaomi cloud.

đź‘ľ Reddits

Mozart: An optical music recognition system. Converts sheet music to a machine-readable version.

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