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21 Python Mini Projects With Codes
The Best way to learn a programming language is to build projects…

Stop Using Print to Debug in Python. Use Icecream Instead
Are you Using Print or Log to Debug your…

Pandas DataFrame Visualization Tools
Introduction I have talked quite a bit about how pandas is a great alternative to Excel for many ...

How to load huge CSV datasets in Python Pandas

Build Your First Data Science Application
Seven Python libraries to make your first data science MVP…

đź“– Articles

Stock Price Analysis with Pandas and Altair
Practical guide for Pandas and Altair

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Pandas in Python for Data Scientists
Common mistakes to avoid when…

The Best VS Code Extensions for Python Developers for 2021
Python productivity

Lazy Predict: fit and evaluate all the models from scikit-learn with a single line of code

How to Make Synthetic Datasets with Python: A Complete Guide for Machine Learning
No dataset? No…

7 Levels of Using the Zip Function in Python

The Top 10 Trending Machine Learning Projects of 2020
Background matting, GAN models, and more

3 Essential Ways to Calculate Feature Importance in Python
A must-know for any aspiring data scientist

fastest way to turn HTML into text in Python
tl;dr; selectolax is best for stripping HTML down to plain text. The problem is that I have 10,000+ ...

Completely Free Roadmap to Learn Data Science in 2021
A concise selection of resources

Monte Carlo Pricing in Python
A guide to the notion of securities pricing with code

Building Data Science GUI Apps with PySimpleGUI
How to build simple Data Science Windows/GUI apps…

Unexpected Size of Python Objects in Memory
How much memory does a Python…

3 Ways a Deep Understanding of Bayes Theorem Will Improve Your Data Science
An intuitive explanation…

3 Pandas Functions That Will Make Your Life Easier
A practical guide with worked through examples

Deploy a Smart Contract using Python: How-to
Python has numerous tools including brownie and…

How to Build a Smart Vision-Based Sudoku Solver
Leveraging the power of AI to detect, recognize, and…

All you need to know about Seaborn
When should I use…

Unlimited Flexibility of Pandas
There is almost always more than one solution

Python Beginner Breakthroughs (Pythonic Style)
As it’s been said, code is read way more times than it…

Is Apache Airflow 2.0 good enough for current data engineering needs?
What changed in the new release…

Using hashids to hide ids of objects in Django
A common pattern in Django urls is to have the following setup for CRUD operations of your objects. ...

Implementing FastAPI Services – Abstraction and Separation of Concerns
FastAPI application and service structure for a more maintainable codebase.

⚙️ Projects

PeterL1n / BackgroundMattingV2
Real-Time High-Resolution Background Matting

joelgrus / data-science-from-scratch
code for Data Science From Scratch book

projectdiscovery / nuclei-templates
Community curated list of templates for the nuclei engine to find a security vulnerability in application.

alexschimpf / Snkrs-Bot
Selenium bot for Nike Snkrs site

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