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đź’– Most Popular

How to do visualization using python from scratch
A step-by-step guide using Matplotlib and Seaborn…

Visualization with Plotly.Express: Comprehensive guide
One dataset and over 70 charts. Interactivity…

73 Examples to Help You Master Python's f-strings

A Guide to Scraping HTML Tables with Pandas and BeautifulSoup
And also a practical example

10 Examples to Master Python Tuples
A comprehensive practical guide

đź“– Articles

Dictionary Comprehensions in Python
How to use dictionary comprehensions to create dictionaries in…

Pandas Web API
An open-source project that simplifies connecting pandas to a real-time data feed…

Introduction to Portfolio Analysis & Optimization with Python.

Synthetic Data Vault (SDV): A Python Library for Dataset Modeling

SHAP: How to Interpret Machine Learning Models With Python
Explainable machine learning with a single…

Learn NLP the Stanford way — Lesson 1
An NLP introduction, Word Vectors, and an invitation for you

Pandas resample() tricks you should know for manipulating time-series data
Some of the most useful…

4 Functions That Make Reading Python Code Easier
Display the names and values clearly

Data Science in a Serverless World
Building Data Products with Managed Services

Making the process of sending a complaint easy, a peek into our semester project

Packaging in Python: Tools and Formats
16 solutions to 9 problems — which ones do you know?

⚙️ Projects

đź‘ľ Reddits

Real-Time International Space Station (ISS) Tracker using Python

Play detective on Reddit: Discover political trolls, secret influencers and more

Created a login system for my Flask image filtering site. Uses SQLite3 to store user info (only plain text for now).

Stack overflow traffic to questions about selected python packages

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