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đź’– Most Popular

Top 11 Github Repositories to Learn Python
Popular GitHub repositories for learning Python

A Curated List of 57 Amazing GitHub Repositories for Every Python Developer
Helpful repos, no matter…

NLP — Zero to Hero with Python
A handbook for learning NLP…

Run Python Code on Websites: Exploring Brython
JavaScript Equivalent Scripting in Python

How I made an Among Us Bot in Python using PyAutoGUI perform Simple Tasks!

đź“– Articles

10 Python Skills They Don’t Teach in Bootcamp
Ascend to new heights in Data Science and Machine…

Understand O.O.P. in Python with One Article
Dive into object-oriented programming to grow your…

New Features in Python 3.10
A look at the best features included in the latest iteration of Python

10 Examples to Master *args and **kwargs in Python
How to use and not to use them

Data visualisation: 3 secret tips on Python to make interactive graphs and impress your boss.

A Checklist for Data Wrangling
“Cheatsheet” for everyday data scientists

f-Strings in Python3 for Data Scientists
Tricks and techniques on how to format strings

Getting Started with Data Science in Python
Preforming Simple OLS Linear Regression on a YouTube…

Essential Data Structures and Algorithms for Coding Interviews
Top 10 must-know topics to be…

Types of Structured Data Every Data Science Enthusiast should Know
Understanding the taxonomy of data…

⚙️ Projects

joke2k / faker
Faker is a Python package that generates fake data for you.

adamerose / pandasgui
A GUI for Pandas DataFrames

sberbank-ai / ru-gpts
Russian GPT3 models.

đź‘ľ Reddits

Python swallows Java to become second-most popular programming language

Guido van Rossum joins Microsoft

The youtube-dl repository has been restored on GitHub with help from the Electronic Frontier Foundation

First Flask site. This local site uses a PIL backend to apply filters to uploaded images.

To all beginners - it will become easier. My first useful, and more-than-20-line script.

I made a URL shortener -

Shakespearean insult generator

Please try to break my code

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