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đź’– Most Popular

130 Machine Learning Projects Solved and Explained
Machine Learning Projects solved and explained for…

Reading Poorly Structured Excel Files with Pandas
Introduction With pandas it is easy to read Excel files and convert the data into a ...

Python is Now Officially the Second Most Popular Programming Language

Deepnote – a Python notebook with real-time collaboration in the browser. We just opened the platform to the public.

12 Examples to Master Python Dictionaries
A comprehensive practical guide for learning dictionaries

đź“– Articles

How to Make Money From Web Scraping Without Selling Data
You just need some lines of code to make…

The library you must know if you juggle data around

Iterables and Iterators in Python
Iterables, iterators, and iteration in Python

Tensorflow for Complete Beginners: Getting Started with Tensors
An understanding of “tensors” and…

5 types of plots that will help you with time series analysis
And how to quickly create them using…

11 Must-Know Operations to Master Python Lists
A comprehensive practical guide with examples.

R vs Python for Data Analysis — An Objective Comparison
R vs Python — Opinions vs FactsThere are dozens articles out there that compare R vs. Python from a ...

split() vs. partition() in Python Strings
What’s the difference?

Why “Yield” Is an Excellent Python Keyword — Generators and Coroutines
To yield or not to yield

Build Your Next Project with Wolfram Alpha API and Python

How to Use Python and MissForest Algorithm to Impute Missing Data
Step-by-step guide on using Random…

Simple way to find a suitable algorithm for your data in scikit-learn (Python)

Supercharge your Python String with TextBlob
Get more insights out of your text within one line of…

Did you know this in Spark SQL?
8 non-obvious features in Spark SQL…

How to Make Python Statically Typed — The Essential Guide
Type hints, variable annotation, and forcing…

⚙️ Projects

microsoft / playwright-python
Python version of the Playwright testing and automation library.

jofpin / trape
People tracker on the Internet: OSINT analysis and research tool by Jose Pino

WZMIAOMIAO / deep-learning-for-image-processing
deep learning for image processing including classification and object-detection etc.

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