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Use Python to Automate Your Excel Work!
Automate those pesky Excel reports!

pypyr / pypyr
pypyr is a free & open-source task-runner that lets you define and run sequential steps in a pipeline.

Interesting Python Tips and Tricks

12 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Data Science in 2020
Valuable resources for a great return of…

Understanding Python Multithreading and Multiprocessing via Simulation
Learning-by-doing: a simple…

đź“– Articles

7 Python Tricks to Make Your Code Better and Smarter
Tricks I wish I had known earlier

Python Libraries for Natural Language Processing
An Overview Of popular python libraries for Natural Language Processing

The Top 10 File Handling Techniques in Python
Make working with files easier

10 Crazy Cool Project Ideas for Python Developers

Reading HTML tables with Pandas
Introduction The pandas read_html() function is a quick and convenient way to turn an HTML table ...

Writing advanced SQL queries in pandas
Leveraging your SQL data manipulation skills to learn pandas

Data Visualisation with Matplotlib
How to master the basic key features of Matplotlib in 5 mins

Fundamentals of Data Architecture to Help Data Scientists Understand Architectural Diagrams Better

Data filtering in Pandas
The complete guide to clean data sets — Part 3

Introduction to Schema: A Python Libary to Validate your Data
Validating your data just Gets more…

10 World-Class Companies Using Python
Python is actively being used by some of the giants in the IT world

Algorithmic Trading with RSI using Python
with evaluations based on profitability

This Function Can Make Your Pandas Code Significantly Faster
35 times faster to be more precise

12 Cool Data Science Projects Ideas for Beginners and Experts
“How many data science projects have you…

Algorithmic Trading with MACD and Python
with the MACD cross strategy

How to Deploy Django App on Heroku Using Gitlab CI/CD Step by Step

Top 4 Dying Programming Languages of 2020
Don’t learn these 4 languages

TensorFlow + Class Inheritance = Beautiful Code
Delve into more technical models with this approach.

ChancePy — Upgrade your Tests

⚙️ Projects

connorferster / handcalcs
Python library for converting Python calculations into rendered latex.

NeMo: a toolkit for conversational AI

Sangarshanan / jazzit
Ever wanted your scripts to play music while running/ on erroring out?

đź‘ľ Reddits

Best Way To Start Learning Python - A Complete Roadmap

Facial detection in just 2 mins

Build your own Audiobook using Python

Made a python bot to do my homework! (Details in comments because lack of space)

Execute Python scripts by saying custom phrases to Google Assistant (example: adding a song to queue on Spotify)

I am excited to share my 8th published book, Python 101, geared for beginners and intermediate level readers

I wrote a Python script to export all the clippings, notes or highlights from a Kindle to a page in Notion. Just run this script whenever you plug in your Kindle device to your PC and your Notion page will get updated with the changes.

I created a program to help people with disabilities control their PC using only their eyes. AMA

I've lost all motivation to code. What should I do?

65 line Python program makes robot shuffle dance

I'm interested in programmers' workflow. Any programmers here can share your workflow?

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