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A Cheatsheet for Data Wrangling using Pandas
Transform raw data into functional form

Build Your Own Flight Tracking Application with Python and Open Air Traffic Data

OpenCV: Automatic License/Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) with Python
In this tutorial, you will build a basic Automatic License/Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) ...

How to interact with APIs in Python
This article covers how to process API calls with the Python…

21 Places to Find Free Datasets for Data Science Projects
If you’ve ever worked on a personal data science project, you’ve probably spent a lot ...

đź“– Articles

Build a fully production ready machine learning app with Python Django, React and Docker

4 Python Libraries to Help you Make Money from Webscraping

How to Get Market Data from the NYSE in Less than 3 Lines (Python).
In this article, you will learn to…

Sync vs. Async Python: What is the Difference?
Have you heard people say that async Python code is faster than "normal" (or sync) Python code? How ...

5 Powerful Tricks to Visualize Your Data with Matplotlib

Logistic Regression: The Math and The Code
A Deep Down look into Logistic Regression, the basic…

Pytest for Data Scientists
A Comprehensive Guide to Pytest for your Data Science Projects

5 Smooth Syntactical Tricks For Python
Make your code more concise and faster by using these…

Python Data Structures: Built-in tools to manipulate data

How to Query PostgreSQL using Python (with SSH) in 3 Steps

Python Data Model Part — 1(Objects, Types, and Values)
The de-facto of Python language

Sorting a Python Pandas DataFrames by Index and Value
Better sorting

Progress bars for Python with tqdm
Track the execution of Python iterations with a smart progress bar

Image Generation in 10 Minutes with Generative Adversarial Networks
Using Unsupervised Deep Learning…

No More Basic Plots Please
A Quick Guide to Upgrade Your Data Visualizations using Seaborn and…

Deep Learning Projects with fastai — From Model Training to Deployment
A getting started guide to…

Solving a Social Distancing Problem using Genetic Algorithms
An example application of Genetic…

Coiled: Dask for Everyone, Everywhere

Custom Object Detection using Yolov4, Roboflow, and Google Colab

My Favorite Python Servers To Deploy Into Production
Spice-up your deploy-ability by exploring…

Lambda Function in Python – How and When to use?
Lambda Function, also referred to as ‘Anonymous function’ is same as a regular python function but ...

Make Your Pandas DataFrame Output Report-Ready
Instruction of Pandas style and Sparklines Library

How to use tf.function to speed up Python code in Tensorflow
tf.function is a decorator function provided by Tensorflow 2.0 that converts regular python code to ...

Introducing PyTorch Forecasting
Forecasting with neural networks made simple

How to predict an image with Keras?
What is in the picture?

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate on Coursera: job ready?
An honest review from a previously…

Ignore All Web Performance Benchmarks, Including This One
A couple of months ago there was an article titled Async Python is Not Faster making the rounds on ...

Winning Solution of RecSys2020 Challenge: GPU Accelerated Feature Engineering and Training for

⚙️ Projects

vinayak-mehta / present
A terminal-based presentation tool with colors and effects.

python / peps
Python Enhancement Proposals

Azure / azure-sdk-for-python
This repository is for active development of the Azure SDK for Python. For consumers of the SDK we recommend visiting our public developer docs at or our versioned developer docs at

đź‘ľ Reddits

Automate your daily tasks with Python

A Webscraper that can scrape dynamically rendered websites

I'm giving back - here's a free book on Python - keep learning during lockdown!

Understand Python Decorators in depth

Python 3.9: All You need to know đź‘Š

Have you missed amazing offers from amazon? Then this project helps you to track the price of any product & whenever the price goes down it will automatically notify you.

I made an Abstract Art Generator using Python/Pygame, source code is available and I'm seeking feedback, this is my 4th project

I just did a speed comparison between C and Python

I just automated an actual job I have at work.

Why have I not been using f-strings...

Learning other languages will make your Python better.

I made an object tracker using frame-differencing for motion detectors

End-to-End Self Driving Car - Need For Speed

An update on Python 4

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