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đź’– Most Popular

Python Books You Must Read in 2020
Have a look, why you should read them?

Building a Face Recognizer in Python
Step-by-step guide to face recognition in real-time using OpenCv…

Introducing AutoScraper: A Smart, Fast and Lightweight Web Scraper For Python
Scraping the web just…

Python Pandas and SQLite
Using SQLite to store your Pandas dataframes gives you a persistent store and…

Lambda Expressions in Python
How to write anonymous functions in python

đź“– Articles

Develop and sell a Python API — from start to end tutorial
The article paints a picture for developing…

The Right Way to Build an API with Python
All you need to know on API development in Flask

Python 3.9 Update New Features
Write less code, achieve more!

10 Advanced Python Interview Questions
Nail your next interview

Containerizing python Web Application

Best Python Visualizations on Medium
Learn Best Techniques to Visualize your Data by Observing the Top…

7 Numpy Tricks to Make My Code Better and Smarter
Tricks I wish I had known earlier

How to group data by time intervals in Python Pandas?
One-liners to combine Time-Series data into…

4 Python AutoML Libraries Every Data Scientist Should Know
Make your life easier

What is new in Python 3.9

Introduction to Yellowbrick: A Python Library to Visualize the Prediction of your Machine Learning Model

Interactive Data Visualization In Python with Pygal

The Life Cycle of Python Instance Objects
Explore how instances work under the hood

3 Programming Books Every Data Scientist Must Read
Master the programming aspect of data science with…

4 Pandas Tricks that Most People Don’t Know
Some uncommon but interesting methods in Pandas which…

Two Tools Every Data Scientist Should Use for Their Next ML Project
How Uber’s Manifold and Weights &…

Explore any data with a custom, interactive web app: Data science with sports
Learn how to build an…

Python Data Model Part — 1(Objects, Types, and Values)
The de-facto of Python language

Time Series of Price Anomaly Detection with LSTM
Johnson and Johnson, JNJ, Keras, Autoencoder…

When to use Pandas transform() function
Some of the most useful Pandas tricks

Python Is About to Get the Squeeze
Python has ruled data science and machine learning for the last…

State of the art NLP at scale with RAPIDS, HuggingFace and Dask
See how to build end-to-end NLP…

Two Tools Every Data Scientist Should Use For Their Next ML Project
How Uber’s Manifold and Weights &…

Using joblib to speed up your Python pipelines

nxneo4j: NetworkX-API for Neo4j — A new chapter

Getting started with Backend development; Which framework to choose ?

⚙️ Projects

executablebooks / jupyter-book
Build interactive, publication-quality documents from Jupyter Notebooks

vaastav / Fantasy-Premier-League
Creates a .csv file of all players in the English Player League with their respective team and total fantasy points

bhattsameer / Bombers
SMS/Email/Whatsapp bombers Collection đź’Łđź’Łđź’Ł đź’Ą

đź‘ľ Reddits

AutoScraper: A Smart, Automatic, Fast and Lightweight Web Scraper for Python

Another way to show that Python is awesome and powerful

I'm excited to share my first published book, Introduction to Python Programming for Business and Social Science Applications -- specifically geared towards students not specifically in computer science

I Created my first Python project which is a Password Manager

My first Python program - Fifty years in the making!

Made an open-source startup at 17 to help people learn to code easily

Get list of keywords from a text. (w/ code)

4001 x 4001 px Maze generated by a python script I wrote, (blue line is solution)

Today I created Google Places app

Scientific Graphing Calculator

I made a reddit bot.

For people who play Clash of Clans, I wrote a python script that will update you when the loot changes ingame by web scraping the clash of clans forecaster site

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