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Knowing these, You Can Cover 99% of File Operations in Python
Boost your efficiency in working with…

5 Reasons why you should Switch from Jupyter Notebook to Scripts

How to use the easiest GUI of your life in Python

Debugging Cheat Sheet

Google Analytics Analytics with Python
Google Analytics is a powerful analytics tool found in an astonishing number of websites. In this ...

đź“– Articles

How to store digital files in a database in Python
An important part of a programmer’s toolbox

Your Everyday Cheatsheet for Python’s Matplotlib
A Complete Visualization Course

Analysis of the German football league (Bundesliga)
Data Analysis with Pandas, Plotly, and Matplotlib

5 Advanced Python Concepts: Explanations and Applications
Lambda functions, comprehensions…

Advanced Python: Consider These 10 Elements When You Define Python Functions
Best practices for…

A deep dive into the official Docker image for Python
The official Python image for Docker is quite popular, and in fact I recommend one of its ...

5 Essential Pandas Tricks You Didn’t Know About
How to process Big Data with pandas? Learn about…

OCR: Handwriting recognition with OpenCV, Keras, and TensorFlow
In this tutorial, you will learn how to perform OCR handwriting recognition using OpenCV, ...

Nothing Fancy — But 16 Essential Operations to Get You Started With Pandas
Overview of the basic data…

A tale of two frameworks
Tensorflow and Pytorch: side-by-side at last.

Visualization Of COVID-19 New Cases Over Time In Python
A heat map shows the ebb and flow in different…

Mosaic art using Python.
Reconstructing Images with Emojis and ASCII characters.

Configuring Google Colab Like A Pro
How to Do Research Quality Machine Learning on a Budget

Data Structures in Python
Get proficient with lists — Python’s most versatile data structure

Ball tracking in volleyball with OpenCV and Tensorflow
Computer vision and neural networks in…

Envision the Titanic Climax with Matplotlib Numpy Pandas
Simple Data analysis with basic Python…

cProfile – How to profile your python code
Reducing code runtime is important for developers. Python Profilers, like cProfile helps to find ...

Review of the Book Natural Language Processing For Hackers
This is a review of the book Natural Language Processing for Hackers* by George-Bogdan Ivanov, a ...

5x Faster Scikit-Learn Parameter Tuning in 5 Lines of Code
Leverage Tune-sklearn to supercharge and…

17 Strategies for Dealing with Data, Big Data, and Even Bigger Data
Tips and libraries to speed up…

How to turn an ordinary gzip archive into a database
This article demonstrates how specially crafted but ordinary gzip archives can be used as a ...

Do a pile of work
Update: this code swallows exceptions. An improved version is at Do a pile of work better.I had a ...

Nice Animations with Twisted and PyGame
One of my favorite features within Twisted — but also one of the least known ...

⚙️ Projects

đź‘ľ Reddits

Free Python for Data Analytics Course

I finally finished and deployed my own URL shortener

Snake game in a single line of python

Gitutor: A command line app that makes Git easy

A Python App with modern GUI

I finished my Python Ray Tracer capable of rendering refraction and thin film interference!

I wrote an app that plays horror music when my code breaks

txtai: AI-powered engine for contextual search and extractive question-answering

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