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I'm giving back - here's a free book on Python - keep learning during the pandemic!

I made a video with 3 projects for beginners. The projects cover game development, web scraping, and automation. All the code is in the description, feel free to play around with it!

The interactive python mode in VSCode is amazing

Top Python Libraries for Data Science
An Overview Of Popular Python Libraries for Data Science

Has VS Code Become the Best IDE for Python?
Microsoft and Python may be an unlikely couple, but…

đź“– Articles

Lamden Mainnet is Coming
Lamden Mainnet will be launching on September 16th, 2020

4 Tricks to Effectively Use JSON in Python
Working with JSON in Python is a breeze, this will get you…

Infrastructure Diagrams as Code Is Possible?
Diagrams can help you to solve it.

Choose the Best Python Web Scraping Library for Your Application
Overview of the top 5 libraries and…

You’re living in 1985 if you don’t use Docker for your Data Science Projects
What is it Docker and How…

30 Python Interview Questions that Worth Reading
Interview questions are quite tricky to predict. In…

5 Advanced Visualisation for Exploratory data analysis (EDA)
Every amateur or professional data…

Using Reduce in Python
How to use the reduce function in python

An Introduction to Anvil — Full-Stack Web Apps with Nothing but Python
Build a data science app in…

Using Pandas Method Chaining to improve code readability
A tutorial for the best practice with Pandas…

Stop persisting pandas data frames in CSVs
Advantages of pickle, parquet, and others— faster, more…

You Should Start Using Type Annotations in Python
How many hours have you spent debugging because of…

5 Geospatial Tips and Tricks in Python
Part 1: How to easily and effectively incorporate spatial…

What Will Be the Best Back-End Programming Language for 2021?
JavaScript vs. Python vs. Go

5 Minute Guide to Decorators in Python
Master the more advanced topics in no-time

SQL vs. Pandas — Which one to choose in 2020?
A detailed comparison between the most popular data…

How to Learn Data Science and Start Your Amazing Journey
Data Science learning guide

Django Async: What's new and what's next?
All that you need to know about async support added in the latest Django 3.1

How I Write Meaningful Tests for AWS Lambda Functions
An attempt to rid the world of “assert True =…

When and Why to Use := Over = in Python
The Walrus Operator

Interesting practicals on pyttsx3: A Text to Speech Converter

Two-Pointer Technique: Solving Array Problems at Light Speed
Explained intuitively through examples

⚙️ Projects

Palashio / libra
Ergonomic machine learning.

Shawn-Shan / fawkes
Fawkes, privacy preserving tool against facial recognition systems. More info at

đź‘ľ Reddits

What stuff did you automate that saved you a bunch of time?

Python module for Nudity Detection and Classification.

I smashed Flappy Bird with Python and NEAT

Looking for a Python subreddit for non-beginners

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