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matplotlib / cheatsheets
Official Matplotlib cheat sheets

You Can Do Everything in Pandas With SQL
Sometimes, you should

Advanced Python: 9 Best Practices to Apply When You Define Classes
How to make your code more…

Building Dashboards using Dash (< 200 lines of code)

5 Powerful Visualisation with Pandas for Data Preprocessing
‚ÄúOne look is worth a thousand¬†words.‚Ä̂Ķ

ūüďĖ Articles

Embed Interactive Plots in Your Slides with Plotly
Going beyond PowerPoint with Spectacle Editor

Creating Presentations with Python
Create and update Powerpoint (.pptx) files with Python

Automate Your Reporting Process With Python and Vue.js
A concrete step by step example to automate…

3 Best Books for Beginner Data Scientists
Improve your data analysis skills by getting these three…

ggplot: Grammar of Graphics in Python with Plotnine

Monte Carlo integration in Python
A famous Casino-inspired trick for data science, statistics, and all…

How to make your Python code more functional
And why that might make your code more robust, testable…

Arguments in Python (The Big Story)

GitHub is the best AutoML you will ever need
A step-by-step tutorial to build AutoML using PyCaret 2.0

A Step-By-Step Guide To Building a Trading Bot In Any Programming Language

Which Python Data Science Package Should I Use When?
A map of the Python data science library land

Options for packaging your Python code: Wheels, Conda, Docker, and more
You’ve written your Python application—a server, CLI tool, or batch process—and now you need to ...

Python: Detecting Twitter Bots with Graphs and Machine Learning
Featuring Graph2Vec, XGBoost, and more!

OpenCV Sudoku Solver and OCR
In this tutorial, you will create an automatic sudoku puzzle solver using OpenCV, Deep ...

Why developers are falling in love with functional programming
From Python to Haskell, the trend isn’t…

You are telling people that you are a Python beginner if you ask this question.

Computer vision and the ultimate pong AI
Using Python and…

Here’s how I Learned Just Enough Programming for Data Science
How to approach learning programming and…

3 Neglected Features in Python 3 That Everyone Should Be Using
Enums, fstrings, and data classes

Debugging Python server memory leaks with the Fil profiler
Your server is running just fine, handling requests and sending responses. But then, ever so ...

How GPT3 Works - Visualizations and Animations
Discussions: Hacker News (397 points, 97 comments), Reddit r/MachineLearning (247 points, 27 ...

Why You Should Never, Ever print() in a Lambda Function
How to spot an AWS Lambda novice, just like…

Meet Your New Best Exploratory Data Analysis Friend
Easy creation, rich insights

Django Developers Community Survey 2020
We're conducting a seventeen question survey to assess how the community feels about the current ...

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2020-08-09

‚öôÔłŹ Projects

Z4nzu / hackingtool
ALL IN ONE Hacking Tool For Hackers

jbesomi / texthero
Text preprocessing, representation and visualization from zero to hero.

Rapptz /
An API wrapper for Discord written in Python.

yzhao062 / anomaly-detection-resources
Anomaly detection related books, papers, videos, and toolboxes

timothycrosley / isort
A Python utility / library to sort imports.

ChoudharyChanchal / game_control

ūüĎĺ Reddits

I made an Ai discord bot for Coronavirus [Predictions , Statistics and over 100 visuals & features]

Here is an absolute Beginners Tutorial that can help you guys to get started with Machine learning. All you need is some basic knowledge of Python. You will have created two ML models at the end of this tutorial and also know the working of some ML algorithms.

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