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15+ Free Python Projects for Beginners with full tutorial walkthroughs

Top 7 Repositories on GitHub to Learn Python
Popular repositories to either learn the basics or…

How to go from a Python newbie to a Google Certified TensorFlow Developer under two months

Taking Another Look at Plotly
Introduction I’ve written quite a bit about visualization in python - partially because the ...

Python programming concepts that made my code efficient!
Use these magic commands to empower your…

ūüďĖ Articles

The Top 10 Programming Blogs in 2020
Blogs from people that I admire or with large communities

Running Deep Learning Algorithms as a Service
How to serve Deep Learning algorithm as a service

5 Python Tricks To Make Your Life More Productive
Mark emails as read, convert videos to audio to…

Exploratory Data Analysis with 1 line of Python code
Overview of Pandas-Profiling library

Writing A Simple Factory Method In Python
Putting popular design patterns to work in Python.

9 Python 3 Features You Might Not Use Yet
Write more intuitive code

From Learning Python to Becoming Kaggle Kernels Top 20, A Road-map

Are You Using Python Function-Tools?
An underused library with important features

8 Python Iteration Skills That Data Scientists Shouldn’t Miss Out
A review of common useful iteration…

Descriptive Statistics in data science -with illustrations in¬†‚Äėpython‚Äô
A data scientist is a person…

Perfectly Pythonic Python Stuff That You Should Definitely Know
Write Simple and Elegant Codes like a…

Exploratory Data Analysis(EDA): Python
Learning the basics of Exploratory Data Analysis using Python…

Software Engineering Tips and Best Practices for Data Science
With great code comes great machine…

How to Learn Python for Data Science In 5 Steps
Why Learn Python For Data Science?Before we explore how to learn Python for data science, we should ...

How to write ETL operations in Python
Clean and transform raw data into an ingestible format using…

High Performance and Scalability on a Python Blockchain

What is Airflow and the best contexts to use it?

Writing More Idiomatic and Pythonic Code
Idioms and conventions that will make your Python code…

Just transfer it!‚Ää‚ÄĒ‚ÄäAn intro to Transfer Learning.

Is Apache Airflow good enough for current data engineering needs?
The pros and cons of Apache Airflow…

Data Repositories for almost Every Type of Data Science Project
A comprehensive list of data…

Reimplementing popular Python functionalities in JavaScript
Learning how to cope with a new world and…

Zero-Shot Text Classification with Hugging Face
This post is about detecting text sentiment in an…

Let’s Build a RNN, Pytorch style!

How to Create the most Awesome Development Setup for Data Science using Atom?
Github + Markdown +…

PyCaret 2.1 is here‚Ää‚ÄĒ‚ÄäWhat‚Äôs¬†new?
All you need to know about PyCaret 2.1

Never Run ‚Äėpython‚Äô In Your Downloads Folder
One of the wonderful things about Python is the ease with which you can start writing a script - ...

5 Pairs of Magic Methods in Python You Should Know
Understand 5 key Python concepts related to these…

‚öôÔłŹ Projects

jerry-git / learn-python3
Jupyter notebooks for teaching/learning Python 3

trekhleb / learn-python
ūüďö Playground and cheatsheet for learning Python. Collection of Python scripts that are split by topics and contain code examples with explanations.

Ciphey / Ciphey
Automatically decode encryptions without a key, decode encodings, and crack hashes

drduh / macOS-Security-and-Privacy-Guide
Guide to securing and improving privacy on macOS

linkedin / detext
DeText: A Deep Neural Text Understanding Framework for Ranking and Classification Tasks

ankitects / anki
Anki for desktop computers

facebookresearch / TransCoder
Public release of the TransCoder research project

PaddlePaddle / PaddleDetection
Object detection and instance segmentation toolkit based on PaddlePaddle.

ūüĎĺ Reddits

I've created a program that can process .csv files with SQL query.

I created a library called 'handcalcs': it renders your Python calculations in Latex as though you had written them by hand.

I wrote a script to monitor COVID cases in a specific country and send travel recommendation to WhatsApp (less than 50 lines of Python)

In case you didn't know: Python 3.8 f-strings support = for self-documenting expressions and debugging

Developers whose first programming language was Python, what were the challenges you encountered when learning a new programming language?

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