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How Much Math do I need in Data Science?
Math skills are essential in…

How to Build a Data Science Web App in Python
Part 1: Your First Web App…

sidetable - Create Simple Summary Tables in Pandas
Introduction Today I am happy to announce the release of a new pandas utility library called ...

Super Simple Way to Scrape BBC News Articles in Python
A short tutorial on scraping websites with…

Why every Pythonista must-read “Automate the boring stuff with Python”?
Bible for Python Programmers!

đź“– Articles

Machine Learning Algorithms For Beginners with Code Examples in Python
Overview of the major machine…

5 Fabulous Python Packages For Data-Science Nobody Knows About
Do you know about these packages?

Pandas DataFrame (Python): 10 useful tricks
10 basic tricks to make your pandas life a bit easier

Python For Data Science — A Guide to Plotly Dash Interactive Visualizations
Build your first web app!

Web Scraping in Python For Novice.

3 Lines of Python Code to Write A Web Server
The simplest web server that is written in Python using…

Web App Development in Python
Introduction to building a front-end user experience

Is NumPy really faster than Python?
Yes, but only if you know how to use it.

Can you solve these 3 (seemingly) easy Python problems?
The solution can surprise you.

What does “__name__” mean in Python?
How and why we use __name__=='__main__'

Top 5 Books to Learn Data Science in 2020
And why books are in general better than online courses.

7 Python Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make
Save days of debugging by paying attention to these

How to Loop Through Your Own Objects in Python
Iterables, Iteration and iterating through your custom…

How to automate financial data collection with Python using Tiingo API and Google Cloud Platform

Pull and analyze financial data using a simple Python package
A simple Python script/package to help…

5 Smooth Python Web-Frameworks For The Modern Developer
5 More awesome Python Web-frameworks for you…

Level up your code with Python decorators
Logging, type checking, exception handling and more!

Dismantling Neural Networks to Understand the Inner Workings with Math and Pytorch

Do You have these Python Speedup Skills?
This article sorts out some…

Alluring Python Pandas
Data Science Made Easy: Few delightful usage examples of Pandas

Finally! An online course where I learned something

Why we switched from Flask to FastAPI for production machine learning
The most popular tool isn’t…

3 Great Design Patterns for Data Scientists
How to write good code as a Data Scientist

The new kid on the statistics-in-Python block: pingouin
A quick tour of the library and how it stands…

What does the keyword “yield” do in Python?
Handling Python Memory Issues when faced with Big Data

Twitter Trends Analysis using Python
Let us try to understand the twitter trends across the world…

3 Intermediate Excel Functions and How to do Them in Python!
Do more than test the waters in Pandas!

Make a beautiful water polo chart in a few lines in Python

What I think is good and bad
I’m in the #python IRC channel on Freenode a lot. The people there are often quite ...

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2020-06-07

⚙️ Projects

celery / celery
Distributed Task Queue (development branch)

NathanUA / U-2-Net
The code for our newly accepted paper in Pattern Recognition 2020: "U^2-Net: Going Deeper with Nested U-Structure for Salient Object Detection."

đź‘ľ Reddits

Currency converter - my first web scraping project :)

Just a python apprentice here... Was bored every day of attending school meetings on zoom so I used pyautogui to attend those for me;)

Training a neural net on 7 years of text messages became surprisingly self aware

I made a fractal tree in python using turtle

Snake 4d - 4 spatial dimension game

Finished a program that draws images with epicycles!

Do you know what a 5D cube is like? Let's rotate it in 5D, project to 3d and render it in 2D! (Things you can do with Python and POV-Ray)

I configured my terminal to teach me a new word everyday! Every time I open a new terminal window, I have a python script that scrapes and gives me the word of the day. On top of that, I have a motivational quote displayed as well :)

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