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willmcgugan / rich
Rich is a Python library for rich text and beautiful formatting in the terminal.

Top 8 Built-in Data Types in Python
A basic and important concept to get into Python Programming for…

5 Advanced Operations Using Dictionaries in Python
Level up your skills when using dictionaries in…

How to Convert SQL Query Results to a Pandas Dataframe
Using Python to read in SQL queries in your…

The Python Standard Library — modules you should know as a data scientist
with usage examples

đź“– Articles

10 Smooth Python Tricks For Python Gods
10 Tricks that will individualize and better your Python code

7 Pandas Functions to Reduce Your Data Manipulation Stress
There’s a reason why Pandas have no gray…

Understand how to use NamedTuple and Dataclass in Python
Create a Python object beyond __init__

Forget Matplotlib! You Should Be Using Plotly
Matplotlib has been the…

Lesser known Python Features
A sample of some lesser known and underrated Python features

A Single Line of Python Code Scraping Dataset from Webpages
Hunting for API endpoints from webpages…

Predicting Short-Term Stock Movements with Quantitative Finance and Machine Learning in Python

My top 4 functions to style the Pandas Dataframe
Why you need to stylish your pandas Dataframe and how…

5 Tricks to Write More Concise Python Code
Improve the readability of your Python

15 Tips and Tricks to Use Jupyter Notebook More Efficiently
Optimize Working in Jupyter With These…

How to process a DataFrame with billions of rows in seconds
Yet another Python library for Data…

Why `True is False is False` -> False?
Here is a little interview question to you, experienced Python…

Create your own COVID-19 tracker and data visualiser with Pandas and Matplotlib in Python!

You Should Start Using FastAPI Now
If you haven’t tried FastAPI yet, it is time

Approach to learning Python
How to maximise learning python today

Ultimate Guide to Python Debugging
Let’s explore the Art of debugging using Python logging…

Stop Using!
One of my favorite job interview questions is this: Write a function that returns tomorrow's ...

And the Best Programming Language for Data Science goes to…
Questions you should ask while picking the…

Beyond Pandas: Spark, Dask, Vaex and other big data technologies battling head to head

Reviewing Deepnote — The New IDE for Data Scientists
My take after using Deepnote to develop a Python…

Quickly label data in Jupyter Lab
Use pigeonXT to label all sorts of data in a bliss

Stop Using Semicolons in Python
They are seldom useful and don’t look pretty

3 Reasons why you Shouldn’t become a Data Scientist
Make sure to know about…

Volatility Trading 101
An intuitive guide to delta hedging

The Statistical Greek Alphabet In Python
Get familiar with what each Greek letter represents in…

Quick Python Tip: Suppress Known Exception Without Try Except
Handle known exceptions in a more…

Devops for Data Science: Making your Python Project Reproducible
At the end of my first year at as as…

Working with dates and times in programming can be cumbersome. Click here to…

A Really Simple Way to Edit Row by Row in a Pandas DataFrame
Using pd.loc to…

The Future of AI is Open
For this Humans of Machine Learning (#humansofml) interview, I’m thrilled to share my conversation ...

Rejolut - Top Python Development Company

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2020-05-31

⚙️ Projects

openai / jukebox
Code for the paper "Jukebox: A Generative Model for Music"

Unity-Technologies / ml-agents
Unity Machine Learning Agents Toolkit

entynetproject / ghost
Ghost Framework is an Android post-exploitation framework that exploits the Android Debug Bridge to remotely access an Android device. Ghost Framework gives you the power and convenience of remote Android device administration.

DarkSecDevelopers / HiddenEye
Modern Phishing Tool With Advanced Functionality And Multiple Tunnelling Services [ Android-Support-Available ]

đź‘ľ Reddits

I made a coding interview site with video conferencing, collaborative code editing and remote code execution.

A Python GUI for uninstalling the default Windows 10 apps.

I created the first cross-platform Python library to create native context menus!

Finding the shortest path between two points using the A Star Algorithm! I find it to be one of the best self projects to learn and get into programming. Link to the Github repository in the comments!

Circle Evolution v0.1 is now available on PyPI. My first big project as a 16 year old. [Github repo & desc in comments]

2D Raycasting along with Rendered view - Visualization was done using Pygame! People who love games would definitely love this! Link to the Github repository in the comments!

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