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I launched my new website with all my free Python and Machine Learning Tutorials (currently 68).

Data Classes in Python

Handling exceptions in Python a cleaner way, using Decorators
Handling exceptions in python can get in…

How to Check the User’s Internet Connection in Python
4 different ways to check for internet…

60 Questions to Test Your Knowledge of Python Lists
Crush algorithm questions by mastering list…

📖 Articles

5 Python Tricks You Need to Know
Ease your code with python tricks

Deploy Machine Learning Pipeline on Google Kubernetes Engine
A beginner’s guide to containerize and…

SQL Server with Python
The world’s favorite database + the world’s favorite language

Unit Testing for Data Scientists
Using Pytest to improve the stability…

Making Matplotlib Beautiful By Default
Use Seaborn to control Matplotlib defaults (and forget that…

Is NumPy Faster Than Python?
How much does Numpy’s linear algebra out-pace regular Python?

The Simplest Way to Scrape Tabular Data with Python

Change The Way You Write Python Code With One Extra Character
one small syntax change, one giant step…

Should You Jump Python’s Ship And Move To Julia?
Should you ditch Python for…

Deep Learning with PyTorch: Zero to GANs (Week 1)

3 Easy Tricks to Get Started with Python (and Ditch Excel!)
An Introduction to Pandas for Excel Power…

Explore COVID-19 Infodemic
NLP, Natural Language Processing, Visualization

The Hippocratic Oath for Software Developers
Coding ethically and the right way

TensorFlow vs PyTorch — Linear Regression
Implementation of Linear Regression in both TensorFlow and…

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2020-05-24

Most appeared Celebrities on Ellen DeGeneres Show

⚙️ Projects

AI Toolkit for Healthcare Imaging

minivision-ai / photo2cartoon
人像卡通化探索项目 (photo-to-cartoon translation project)

👾 Reddits

A tool that copies a selected area of your screen, not as a picture, but as pastable text (GitHub in comments)

I created "twenny" – my very first app! It reminds you to give your eyes a break every 20 minutes to prevent eye strain and is located in your menubar. You can download it on GitHub!

Drawing Mona Lisa with 256 circles using evolution [Github repo in comments]

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