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Beautiful and Easy Plotting in Python — Pandas + Bokeh
A single line of code to create an interactive…

Time Series Analysis using Pandas in Python
Bonus intro to keywords like seasonality, trend…

Python 3 in One Pic

How to Handle and Raise Exceptions in Python — 12 Things to Know
Make your Python code more robust

K-Means Clustering Explained Visually In 5 Minutes
Walk through this unsupervised learning algorithm…

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Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2020-06-14

⚙️ Projects

encode / django-rest-framework
Web APIs for Django. 🎸

hudson-and-thames / mlfinlab
MlFinlab helps portfolio managers and traders who want to leverage the power of machine learning by providing reproducible, interpretable, and easy to use tools.

👾 Reddits

I created a GUI that collates various interests of mine in one handy place

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