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This video explains exactly how convolutional neural networks work, with a cool implementation. The code is written in Python and implemented with Keras.

Web Scraping of 10 Online Shops in 30 Minutes with Python and Scrapy

Reduce Pandas memory usage by loading less data
You’re loading a CSV into Pandas, and it’s using too much RAM: your program crashes if ...

My Simple Python Development Setup
Keep it simple and keep your environments isolated

Python for Data Science- A Guide to Pandas
The Complete Data Exploration Guide in 10 Minutes

đź“– Articles

Time Series Analysis From Scratch in Python: Part 1

How a Data Scientist buys a car
How I used my data science skill set to find the best deal for our new…

Python List Tutorial: Lists, Loops, and More!
Lists are one of the most powerful data types in Python. In this Python List Tutorial, you’ll ...

Jupyter notebooks tips and tricks

Easy Text-to-Speech with Python
Text to Speech

Exploratory Data Analysis Made Easy Using Pandas Profiling
To boost your productivity as a data…

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to NumPy
Everything you need to know to get started with NumPy

Power-Up Your Python Logging
A guide to take you from beginner to pro with Python’s built-in logging…

Django 3.0 release candidate 1 released
Django 3.0 release candidate 1 is the final opportunity for you to try out the raft of new features ...

Automating Lead Generation/Email Crawling with python

Fire and smoke detection with Keras and Deep Learning
In this tutorial, you will learn how to detect fire and smoke using Computer Vision, OpenCV, and ...

Distilling knowledge from Neural Networks to build smaller and faster models
Not every smartphone owner carries around a high-end GPU and a power generator in their pockets. ...

Working with Geospatial Data in Machine Learning

Python Input, Output and Import

How To Check If a List Is Empty in Python
Learn multiple techniques to check for an empty list

Deploy Your Machine Learning Model as a REST API
Deploy Machine Learning model as a REST API, and make…

Exploratory Data Analysis with pandas
5 pandas tricks that will make you better with Exploratory Data…

Building a Simple Web Upload Interface with Google Cloud Run and Cloud Storage

Integrating physical devices with IOTA — The IOTA LED Cube
The 11th part in a series of beginner…

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2019-11-17

Did You Know There’s an Elvis Operator?
What other clever operator names are out there?

MDN Documents Size Tree Map
Recently I've been playing with the content of MDN as a whole. MDN has ~140k documents in its Wiki. ...

⚙️ Projects

milesial / Pytorch-UNet
PyTorch implementation of the U-Net for image semantic segmentation with high quality images

ct-Open-Source / tuya-convert
A collection of scripts to flash Tuya IoT devices to alternative firmwares

notadamking / tensortrade
An open source reinforcement learning framework for training, evaluating, and deploying robust trading agents.

đź‘ľ Reddits

BrachioGraph, an ultra-cheap Python-powered drawing machine

I created the Chaos game theory in python using only PyGame, random and the basics of algebra (I'm 14)

Python Adopts a 12-month Release Cycle

Starting A Podcast: Anyone Interested? Python, DevOps, Programming in General, Full Stack, Security, etc

6 Months of learning Python, 3 Hours of Rendering, here is my first Mandelbrot Zoom

This is one of the most interesting outputs of the particle simulation :)

I brute forced hello world [Code and Reasons in the comments]

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