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Intro to Dashboarding with Dash for Python

Advance Your Python Skills by Building a WhatsApp Chat Analyser
Get data from your group chats

How to publish a Jupyter notebook online — using AWS in 10 minutes!

Simple Web Scraping with Python
Black Friday is almost here and, as always, you will keep refreshing…

Algorithmic Trading Bot: Python

đź“– Articles

Five Ways to Loop Through Python Dictionaries
Learning how to iterate over data is a critical skill in…

A Better Excel Goal Seek using Python
Go further than Excel’s Goal Seek or Solver solutions using…

The Magic Behind One-Line Expressions in Python
The other day I was solving a coding problem Check If…

Predict electricity consumption using Time Series analysis
A step by step approach to…

Forecasting in Python with Facebook Prophet
How to tune and optimize Prophet using domain knowledge to…

Python — From Intermediate to Superhero

10 Python Tips and Tricks You Should Learn Today
Python snippets that can be taken as a reference for…

Step by Step: Building an Automated Trading System in Robinhood

How To Use Lambda Expressions in Python
They may look scary at first but they’re pretty simple

GPU-Accelerated Signal Processing with cuSignal
GPU open source data science community brings GPU…

Time Series Analysis From Scratch in Python: Part 2

Top 3 Pandas Functions You Don't Know About (Probably)

How to Build Slim Docker Images Fast
Tutorial on how to write Docker images that are small in size and…

Best 5 free stock market APIs in 2019

How To Calculate Customer Retention Rate — A Practical Approach
Retention is arguably the new…

Ignore the Hype When Learning to Code
Do yourself a favor, and stop being distracted by new frameworks and programming languages

Things They Don’t (but Should) Cover in Intro Data Science with Python MOOCs

Predicting Hospital Readmission with Deep Learning from Scratch and with Keras
Let’s use deep learning…

What Happened When I Tried Market Prediction With Machine Learning

How To Get the Last Item in a List in Python
Use slice notation and learn to safeguard your application

Append in Python

What exactly can you do with Python? Here are Python’s 3 main applications.

Speeding Through Dates with Pandas

An interview with Paul Lee – Doctor, Cardiologist and Deep Learning Researcher
In today’s blog post, I interview Dr. Paul Lee, a PyImageSearch reader and interventional ...

Exploring Use Cases of Core ML Tools
Evaluation, transformations, updatable models, and more

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2019-11-24

Python enumerate() built-in-function

Ditch 10 Years Challenge & Take this 10 Week Challenge

Bounded Clustering
A Clustering Algorithm for Bounded Sized Clusters

Support windows bar calendar
Like any large suite of applications, Open edX software (my day job) depends on a number of ...

Voronoi Method: Zoning School System Proposal
Proposing Zoning School system for Indonesia school…

⚙️ Projects

tamarott / SinGAN
Official pytorch implementation of the paper: "SinGAN: Learning a Generative Model from a Single Natural Image"

mininet / mininet
Emulator for rapid prototyping of Software Defined Networks

shenweichen / DeepCTR
Easy-to-use,Modular and Extendible package of deep-learning based CTR models.

Netflix / vmaf
Perceptual video quality assessment based on multi-method fusion.

harismuneer / Ultimate-Facebook-Scraper
🤖 A bot which scrapes almost everything about a Facebook user's profile including all public posts/statuses available on the user's timeline, uploaded photos, tagged photos, videos, friends list and their profile photos (including Followers, Following, Work Friends, College Friends etc).

đź‘ľ Reddits

I wrote a script that generates a geo heatmap from your google location data

My 12 year old just shouted "Dad I made a copy of flappy birds". My response "Yeah right!". To my amazement he did. I genuinely didn't even know he was doing this. He used Python and PyGame apparently.

A Python program that lets you set the Windows desktop wallpaper to a video!

How much do I love Python?

Just found an awesome new plugin for pyinstaller. pip install auto-py-to-exe

A fitting curve that "boings" into place (and a digression into spring-mass-dampers, vibration and control theory, and integral transforms)

Python outrankes Java in GitHub 2019 octaverse analysis

I just deleted about 60 lines of code from my program, it runs perfectly and even better than before

3D estimate from artificial intelligence


I made a system to automate attendance in my college. It uses PyQt5 for UI, and features dynamic authentication, automated mailing, time-bound implementation, schedule synchronization, warning trigger, along with a few configuration options. Thank you r/python community :)

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