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A startup is going to release a Python/HTML/CSS GUI Framework. You are going to be able to build an Electron app entirely written in Python.

How to Visualize Data on top of a Map in Python using the Geoviews library

10+ Books and Courses to learn Data Science and Machine Learning with Python and R — Best of Lot

How To Compute Satellite Image Statistics And use It In Pandas
Derive zonal statistics from Sentinel 2…

Python and PostgreSQL: How To Access A PostgreSQL Database Like A Data Scientist

đź“– Articles

When your data doesn't fit in memory: the basic techniques
You’re writing software that processes data, and it works fine when you test it on a small ...

The 17 Best Free Tools for Data Science
Make sure you're not missing any of the best free tools for data science work, including the top R ...

Data Visualization — Which graphs should I use? (Seaborn Examples)
A Simple Guide on How to Visualize…

Reduce Memory Usage and Make Your Python Code Faster Using Generators
A hands on guide to create…

Step-by-Step Signal Processing with Machine Learning: PCA, ICA, NMF for source separation, dimensionality reduction

Hacking Python Applications
And how attackers exploit common programming pitfalls to gain control

Streamlit- Deploy a Machine Learning Model without learning any web framework.
Super awesome Streamlit…

Book Review: Machine Learning Pocket Reference
Introduction This article is a review of O’Reilly’s Machine Learning Pocket Reference by Matt ...

Email Automation with Python
Automate emails with attachments in python

How to Write Python Command-Line Interfaces like a Pro

What Is the Walrus Operator in Python?
Learn how to condense your code with the new operator released in version 3.8

Naïve Bayes for Machine Learning – From Zero to Hero
Before I dive into the topic, let us ask a question – what is machine learning all about and why ...

Less known bits of the Python Standard Library
Taking a brief look at some less known modules from the Standard Library.

Becoming a Self-Taught Data Scientist
What to do when college degree in data science just isn’t an…

Workflow Tools for ML Pipelines
Chapter 5 excerpt of “Data Science in Production”

Airbnb’s Airflow Versus Spotify’s Luigi
Getting data from point A to point B

Integrating Python & Tableau
When performing in-depth analyses on large and unstructured datasets, the…

Video: MicroPython Heats My Home
In this video I discuss a little MicroPython based project that I implemented in my home to improve ...

What Does the “Yield” Keyword Do?
Iterables, functions, and generators in Python

Pandas’ groupby explained in detail
Learn how to master all…

Coverage 5.0 beta 1
I want to finish 5.0. It has some big changes, so I need people to try it and tell me ...

How to add machine learning-powered text summarization to any project

Three Ways to Use the Walrus Operator in Python
Expand your toolkit with this new operator

FastAI V2 DataBlocks API — code overview : A gentle introduction

Machine Learning and Data Analysis — Inha University (Part-2)

Detecting Natural Disasters with Keras and Deep Learning
In this tutorial, you will learn how to automatically detect natural disasters ...

Welcome to Python 3.8

Unpacking the Quantum Supremacy Benchmark with Python

What is the roundest country?
We can define roundness in many ways. For example, as you may know, the circle is the shape that given a fixed perimeter maximizes the area.

Django bugfix releases issued: 2.2.7, 2.1.14, and 1.11.26
Today we've issued 2.2.7, 2.1.14, and 1.11.26 bugfix releases. The release package and checksums ...

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2019-11-10

⚙️ Projects

euske / pdfminer
Python PDF Parser

sdispater / poetry
Python dependency management and packaging made easy.

getsentry / sentry
Sentry is cross-platform application monitoring, with a focus on error reporting.

Linzaer / Ultra-Light-Fast-Generic-Face-Detector-1MB
💎1MB lightweight face detection model (1MB轻量级人脸检测模型)

apache / incubator-tvm
Open deep learning compiler stack for cpu, gpu and specialized accelerators

facebookresearch / detectron2
Detectron2 is FAIR's next-generation research platform for object detection and segmentation.

đź‘ľ Reddits

Ieddit – A Python-based, minimalist, Reddit-like with anonymous posts/comments. 100% open source, non-monetized, officially in beta as of a few hours ago :)

My First Algorithm in Python! A Recursive Maze Solver

Flappy Bird (Crappy Bird) using Python & ncurses!

I made c++-style printing in Python :P

I created a Trump tweet ticker using an e-paper raspberry pi hat.

Argento - made with numpy and PIL

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