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Python notebooks for fundamentals of music processing

How good is GPT-4o at generating Flask apps? Surprisingly promising
This article summarizes the findings when asking GPT-4o to generate Flask applications, ranging from a simple "Hello, World!" app to a full-fledged CRUD app with three database models and HTML pages with Tailwind. With careful prompting, GPT-4o can produce working Flask applications and follow (some) best coding practices.

How AI Can Help Deaf People Hear
This project facilitates communication between Deaf individuals and hearing individuals who do not understand American Sign Language (ASL). It is designed to respect and preserve ASL as the primary language.

Blealtan / efficient-kan
An efficient pure-PyTorch implementation of Kolmogorov-Arnold Network (KAN).

How Python Compares Floats and Ints: When Equals Isn’t Really Equal
Another Python gotcha and an investigation into its internals to understand why this happens.

📖 Articles

google-deepmind / alphafold
Open source code for AlphaFold.

Web Development with Htmx, Type-Guided Components, Pure Python

Don't worry about LLMs
The post argues that while large language models (LLMs) are receiving a lot of hype, the engineering systems built around them are similar to previous machine learning systems. It advises practitioners to cut through the hype and treat LLMs as regular engineering and ML problems.

Writing fast string ufuncs for NumPy 2.0
The post details the performance improvements made to string operations in NumPy 2.0 by reworking how they are handled, moving from creating Python objects to operating directly on the raw C data buffers. It provides guidance on writing efficient ufuncs that work with the data buffers and handle data type resolution.

Rapidly creating smoke tests for Django views
A management command for quickly generating tests based off Django's URL routing mechanism.

DataFrames at Scale Comparison: TPC-H
We run benchmarks derived from the TPC-H benchmark suite on a variety of scales, hardware architectures, and dataframe projects, notably Apache Spark, Dask, DuckDB, and Polars. No project wins. This post analyzes results within each project and between projects.

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2024-06-02

MicroPython 1.23 Brings Custom USB Devices, OpenAMP, Much More

Fire Up Your Logging Needs with Pydantic Logfire
The pydantic team recently introduced logfire, a new logging tool that makes it easy to track and analyze your logs. Simply integrate logfire into your projects with just a few lines of code.

⚙️ Projects

Python framework for building efficient data pipelines. It promotes modularity and collaboration, enabling the creation of complex pipelines from simple, reusable components.

Gloe is a general-purpose library made to help developers create, maintain, document, and test both operational and flow-oriented code.

mistral-finetune is a light-weight codebase that enables memory-efficient and performant finetuning of Mistral's models.

Towards General World Model with Natural Language Actions and Video States.

Terminal Text Effects
Visual effects applied to text in the terminal.

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