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Replacing pyinstaller with 100 lines of code
A tale of how I accidentally stumbled upon some interesting tech over time.

A Beginner's Guide to Unit Testing with Pytest
In this guide, we will explore the core principles of unit testing, delve into Pytest's powerful capabilities, and equip you with the knowledge and skills to write clean, maintainable, and effective tests.

LLM Models and RAG Hands-on Guide
This guide is designed for technical teams interested in developing basic conversational AI solutions using Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG).

Llama 3 implemented in pure NumPy
Understand the exact structure with working implementation of the Llama 3 model.
A pure NumPy implementation for Llama 3 model.

๐Ÿ“– Articles

Working with Excel Files in Python

College Precalculus โ€“ Full Course with Python Code
Learn college Precalculus from an experienced university mathematics professor. You will also learn how to implement all the Precalculus concepts using the Python programming language.

Curating Custom Datasets for LLM Training with NVIDIA NeMo Curator
NeMo Curator, which is part of NVIDIA NeMo, offers workflows to download and curate data from various public sources out of the box such as Common Crawl, Wikipedia, and arXiv. It also provides flexibility for developers to customize data curation pipelines to address their unique requirements and create custom datasets. This post walks you through creating a custom data curation pipeline...

Kafka Consumers in Python - A Walkthrough
Getting data out of Apache Kafka is easy if you know how, so let's go through an example step-by-step. In this walkthrough we take you through the process of creating a simple Kafka Consumer using the Quix Streams library.

Simple Pretty Maps That Will Better Your Python Streamlit Skills
A simple tutorial on creating beautiful maps using the prettymapp library.

Signals, shells, and docker: an onion of footguns
The post discusses potential security risks and "footguns" that can arise when using Docker containers, signals, and shells together in a development environment. It highlights how certain combinations of these tools can inadvertently grant excessive permissions or expose sensitive data, emphasizing the need for caution and proper configuration.

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2024-05-26

โš™๏ธ Projects

Open source Python SDK for agent monitoring, LLM cost tracking, benchmarking, and more. Integrates with most LLMs and agent frameworks like CrewAI, Langchain, and Autogen.

llama3 implementation one matrix multiplication at a time.

Open-source, accurate and easy-to-use video speech recognition & clipping tool, LLM based AI clipping intergrated.

An AI-Powered Tool for Automated Test Generation and Code Coverage Enhancement!

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